European Structural Parts Group (ESPG)

ESPG Chairs

Dr C├Ęsar Molins (AMES SA)

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Position: Co-Chairman

Peter Kjeldsteen (Sintex a/s)

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Position: Co-Chairman

Peter is a M.Sc. Chemical Engineer with an MMT degree. He is our material and process specialist, with expert knowledge on problem solving and new developments.

Together with his team of 6 people, he is the contact for idea generation, development of new materials and processes, test and measurements as well as simulations, calculations and patent applications.

He is currently member of the board in EPMA, Chairman of the ESPG-group under EPMA and chairman of the Danish Magnetic Society. Recent publications has been in the Int. Journal of Pow-der Metallurgy, Powder Metallurgy, Mold Making Technology etc.

The European Structural Parts Sectoral Group consists of stakeholders of the ferrous PM structural parts industry. The objective of the ESPG is to promote the interests of EPMA members involved in the structural parts supply chain. It holds open meetings involving parts makers, suppliers and any interested EPMA members to discuss issues of concern to the sector, but also closed meetings for parts makers or suppliers .

The open meetings are normally twice yearly at the EPMA events, Management Seminar and Euro PM Congress, in the spring and autumn respectively. These offer an excellent possibility of discussion about EPMA activities and projects in the ferrous PM structural parts sector and about the state of business in the industry. The state of business discussion always gives a fruitful exchange of experience between participants and is reported in the minutes available to the attendees.

The ESPG also gives an input to many projects that are carried out by the EPMA, which include:

  • The Global Powder Metallurgy Property Database web site:
  • The e-learning modules web site for End User Designers and Engineers:
  • The yearly Benchmarking exercise, which gathered in 2008, 14 Sites:
  • Club Projects on the Environment, Health and Safety aspects. Etc.

The ESPG also initiates special workshops for the PM supply chain during the Euro PM congress with:

  1. Closed meeting for parts makers
  2. Closed meeting for powders and equipment suppliers
  3. Sector Watch Session: Presentation on other forming processes (e.g. investment casting, fine blanking, cold forging etc.)
  4. Open debate between five parts makers senior managers (and the audience) (see pictures).
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In conclusion the ESPG is an essential networking group which helps the EPMA to promote the Ferrous Structural PM industry and to set up new ideas of projects and which indicates the trends of the sector to the other working groups and more generally to EPMA members. Every EPMA member is welcome to participate in the open ESPG working group meetings and should contact Dr Olivier Coube ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) for further information.

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