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2014 was a special year in the Powder Metallurgy calendar as the European Powder Metallurgy Association reached 25 years since its formation and held two special events to celebrate our silver anniversary.

The first, for EPMA members only, took place in London on 5 - 6 June when we held a VIP dinner followed by a one day seminar presented by international experts in PM on the topic 'Developments in the European PM Industry'.

There was also a special commemorative reception as part of the Euro PM2014 Congress & Exhibition for delegates held at the Residenz, Salzburg, Austria on the evening of 22 September.

25 Years of EPMA

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General Assembly 1989 Amsterdam
Euro PM1995 Birmingham
EPMA Council 1996 Brussels
MIMNET Consortium 1998 Bremen
PM World Congress 1998 Granada
General Assembly 1999 Chester
Management Seminar 2000 Lindau
Summer School 2002 Baden
Management Seminar 2003 Verona
World PM2004 Vienna
Euro PM2005 Prague
Winterev 2006 Dresden
General Assembly 2007 Istanbul
Euro PM2008 Mannheim
Summer School 2009 Kosice
World PM2010 Florence
Euro PM2011 Barcelona
Hartmetall Tour 2012 Basel
EFFIPRO Launch 2013 San Sebastián
DIRA-GREEN 2013 Port Talbot
Euro PM2014 TPC Salzburg
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