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EPMA have been working for the last 30 years to promote and develop the PM industry throughout Europe.

Powder Metallurgy events such as the annual Euro PM Congress & Exhibition, a range of training courses and seminars such as the PM Summer School and Sectoral Group meetings have allowed the dissemination of PM knowledge, and provided valuable industry networking opportunities for three decades.

Explore some 'Key Moments' from the EPMA archive with the timeline below.

  • The EPMA's very first General Assembly in Brussels, Belgium
  • The General Assembly of EPMA was held a the Wembley Conference Centre, London with 41 people present.
  • The first issue of EPMA News was printed.
  • The introduction of the EPMA Awards, covering two categories 'Innovations in PM' (won by MIBA Sintermetall) and 'Awards of Merit' (won by Mahler Dienstleistungs and Makin Metal Powders).
  • EPMA convene at the Opel Technical Centre in Rüsselsheim, Germany for an Automotive Powder Metallurgy seminar.
  • Europe's first World PM was held in Paris, France.
  • 1995's Euro PM in Birmingham, UK.
  • The EPMA Council convene in Brussels, Belgium for the 1996 Council meeting.
  • Euro PM1997 in Munich, Germany.
  • World PM1998, held in Granada, Spain.
  • The EPMA general assembly of 1999 was held in Chester, UK.
  • EPMA's Powder Metallurgy Management Seminar in Lindau, Germany.
  • Delegates enjoy a Gala Dinner at the Hotel Negresco in Nice, France as part of Euro PM2001.
  • The Powder Metallurgy Summer School in 2002 was held in Baden, Germany.
  • 2003's Powder Metallurgy management seminar was held in Verona, Italy.
  • Congress Dinner from the World PM2004 in Vienna, Austria.
  • Euro PM2005 was held in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • The Powder Metallurgy Winterev in 2006 was held at Fraunhofer IWS in Dresden, Germany.
  • The Richmond Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey was home to the 2007 General Assembly, and represented the views of 35 Powder Metallurgy companies.
  • Over 600 participants attened Euro PM2008 in Mannheim, Germany.
  • Košice, Slovakia was home to the 2009 Powder Metallurgy Summer School.
  • World PM2010 Congress & Exhibition was held in historic Florence, Italy, and attracted over 1300 participants from 49 different countries.
  • The vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain was home to Euro PM2011, setting a record attendance of 900 visitors.
  • Euro PM2012 was held in Basel, Switzerland, and featured this industry tour to Hartmetall Estech AG.
  • In 2013, in San Sebastian, Spain, EFFIPRO was launched by Tecnalia to develop a signifi cantly shorter Powder Metallurgy process.
  • The Technical Programme Committee meet ahead of Euro PM2014 in Salzburg, Austria to decide the technical content for the event.
  • The Young Engineers congregate as part of Euro PM2015 in Reims, France.
  • The Congress Centre Hamburg, Germany was the home of the World PM2016 Congress & Exhibition, and visited by over 1900 visitors.
  • The EuroHM Group meet at Plansee SE in Reutte, Austria for their meeting in 2017.
  • The AM & HIP Club Project meeting, RWTH Aachen University, Germany.
  • Euro PM2018 in Bilbao, Spain was the most successful Congress & Exhibition we have enjoyed so far.
  • The EPMA Team get together in Chantilly, France to make plans for EPMA's 30th Anniversary.
  • The EPMA Council convene at the 32nd General Assembly in Brussels, Belgium.
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