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Research Education and Training Group (RET)

RET Chairs

Dr Pierre Blanchard (Erasteel Kloster AB)

Chairperson 1 Image

Position: Chairman

The Research Education and Training Group comprise both industry representatives and representatives from PM research centres across Europe.

The objectives and activities of the RET are as follows

  • Help to Develop industry research and development priorities through regular Roadmaps and to use these to:
    • lobby European funding bodies
    • initiate new projects whether privately and/or government funded
    • communicate these activities to other EPMA working groups
  • Disseminate information on current European and national projects
  • Development and support of Short Courses, Summer Schools and seminars
  • Development and dissemination of PM educational and training material
  • Providing Judging for the EPMA Thesis Competition
  • To provide technical committees for Euro PM events

In other word the RET is one of the "think tank" group of the EPMA. An example of this is the closed working group meeting that took place in Madrid Ferrous Structural Part Sector. Thirteen representatives of FS PM Industries and Academies participated in a brainstorming session with the question: "How to promote and diffuse PM technology more efficiently?" Several idea clusters were proposed and ranked: PM and End Users, Tools, PM and Education, Resources, New Developments. The "PM and End Users" cluster was ranked first and the discussion started with the suggestion "We should make ( again ) in House Seminars at End User companies". The discussion resulted in some proposals and comments. Following this meeting the decision was taken to organise two special events in the next Euro PM: First a "Special Workshops for the PM Supply Chain" and second a "PM End User Seminar".

The other topics that manage the RET are:

  • End User Seminar / Other technologies seminar
  • Marie Curie Training Programs from the FP7
  • Promoting the PM to Students
  • Writing a Textbook/"Recipes" Book on PM
  • Updating the Roadmap "Vision 2020".

Every EPMA member is welcomed to participate in the RET working group meetings and should contact the EPMA Secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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