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Thanks to the unique combination of high level industrial specialists and academics these seminars (formerly 'EPMA Short Course') provide unrivalled insights into the practical capabilities and applications of powder metallurgy (PM) process.

Developed from the work of its European Powder Metallurgy Institutes (EPMI), the EPMA has used its international connections and unique role within the European PM Supply chain to provide a most successful educational activity.


PM Life

PM Life is a training programme to help develop the future of Powder Metallurgy and help provide a comprehensive training course to those looking for a related career.

The course will offer participants the chance to either attend the full programme to learn about the whole industry or pick specific modules to help further their knowledge in certain areas.

The course offers five weeks training and an optional internship covering five strands:

  • Powder and Hard Metals
  • Press & Sinter
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Metal Injection Moulding
  • Hot Isostatic Pressing

To find out more or to register, please visit

Download the PM Life 2021 Flyer Here

Design for PM HomepageDesign for PM is a FREE e-learning training course for industrial designers and engineers. It will enable them to design superior components/products to be manufactured using the powder metallurgy (PM) production process. The online courses cover the Conventional PM, Hard Materials and Metal Injection Moulding sectors.

The EPMA Distinguished Service Awards, established in 1998, are presented in recognition of an individuals' outstanding contribution to the European PM industry over a number of years.

In our aim to continuously maintain and improve the quality of the technical content at Euro PM events, Euro PM2013 saw the introduction of the EPMA Keynote Paper Award, sponsored by Maney Publishing. Since 2016 the award has been sponsored by Taylor & Francis Group.

This new award from the EPMA was introduced on 2014 to celebrate the contribution made over many years by Dr Peter Brewin to the Association, both on its Board and Council, as well as his successful period as Technical Director from 2001 - 2007. At the same time it will form an important and public recognition of the contribution made by poster authors to the EPMA's annual Euro PM Congress, being the largest and most prestigious Powder Metallurgy specific congress in Europe. Peter Brewin remains a key supporter of the EPMA.

EPMA PM Component Awards 2020 logo

The EPMA Powder Metallurgy Component Awards are open to all who manufacture components made by the PM process. The awards are for major achievements in successful commercialisation or innovation of a product, taking into account cost savings, improved quality and stimulation of further usage of PM technology.

Operated on a yearly basis (biennially prior to 2016), the EPMA PM Thesis Competition is designed to stimulate and encourage young researchers in PM. It is open to any students studying within the EU in two categories - PhD and Masters.

2017 saw the creation of the EPMA Fellowship Award to recognise the significant contribution to PM industry development from the scientific/academic community. The EPMA Fellowship Award not only provides a fantastic recognition from the PM community for such tremendous work, but also looks to exemplify the continued involvement in PM science and technologies.

An individual will be elected to be an EPMA Fellow through achievements and accomplishments made to EPMA and the PM and particulate materials industry.

Winners can be seen below:

2022: Prof. Dr.-ing Thomas Weißgärber & Prof Luis M Llanes Pitarch

2021: Prof Didier Bouvard & Prof Lars Nyborg

2020: Prof Dr Elena Gordo & Prof Dr-Ing Frank Petzoldt

2019: Prof Francisco Castro & Prof Dr.-Ing. Bernd Kieback​

2018: Prof Paul Beiss & Prof Dr Herbert Danninger

2017: Prof Alberto Molinari, Prof Dr José Manuel Torralba & Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Broeckmann

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