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EPMA Distinguished Service Award

The EPMA Distinguished Service Awards, established in 1998, are presented in recognition of an individuals' outstanding contribution to the European PM industry over a number of years.

Recipients are selected by the EPMA Council and receive their award at the annual congress in Europe.

Winners can be seen below:

2021: Mr Martin Bloemacher & Dr.-Ing. Harald Neubert

2020: Mr Philippe Gundermann & Dr Steven Moseley

2019: Dr.-Ing. Ingo Cremer

2017: Mr Thomas Lambrecht

2016: Dr Cèsar Molins

2015: Dr Brian James & Prof Dr Lorenz Sigl

2014: Dipl-Ing Jan Tengzelius

2013: Dr José Torralba & Dr John Dunkley

2012: Dr Bryan Roebuck & Dr Volker Arnhold

2011: Dr Olle Grinder & Prof Francisco Castro

2010: Prof Paul Beiss

2009: Dr Günter Kneringer

2008: Dr Gérard Raisson, Prof Dr Winfried Huppmann & Mr Rudolf Reinstadler


2007 Dr Joan Antoni Bas & Dr Gian-Filippo Bocchini

2006 Juan Cortiguera & Björn Uhrenius

2005 Dr Colette Allibert & Per Lindskog

2004 Jaap Koeleman & Dr Andrey Salak

2003 Dr Enrico Mosca

2002 N/A

2001 Bernard Williams, Dr Henri Pastor & Dr Lothar Albano-Mueller

2000 N/A

1999 N/A

1998 Gold, Molins Snr


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