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Euro PM2007 Proceedings: PM Functional Materials

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  • : 2007

Euro PM2007 Congress Technical Presentations on PM Functional Materials.

This download contains the following papers:

Functionalising PM-parts by Printing and Sintering of Powder Filled Pastes
Veltl, G

Direct Sintering of (Steel/Cemented Carbide) Two-Layer Materials
Thomazic, A.

Advanced Composite Materials for Heat Sink Applications
Schubert, T

Soft Magnetic Material For A.C. Applications
Narasimhan, K S

Sof Magnetic Composites Based on Nanocrystalline Mechanically Alloyed Fe-Ni Powders
Chicinas, I

Structure and Magnetic Property Particularities of Plasma Sprayed Amorphous Co58Ni10Fe5B16Si11 Alloy
Lepeshev, A.

Al2O3 – NiAl Composites Processed by Reactive Infiltration
Orban, R

Powder Composite Soft Magnetic Materials
Panasyuk, O

Study on the Quality of the Composite Based on Tungsten Powder After Hydrogen Sintering
Pascu, C-I

Research to Obtain Wear Resistant Parts Made of Recovered Powders
Radu, S

Influence of Temperatures on Mechanical Properties of Nd-Fe-B Dielectromagnets
Slusarek, B

Role of Vanadium on Magnetic, Electrical and Mechanical Properties of FeCo Alloys Processed by Powderl Injection Molding (PIM)
Silva, A.

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