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Euro PM2007 Proceedings: Sintering

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  • : 2007

Euro PM2007 Congress Technical Presentations on Sintering.

This download contains the following papers:

Sintering I - Intermetallics & High Temperature Materials

Shape Memory Properties of Ti-Ni-Cu Alloys by PM Process
Terayama, A

Bulk Fine Grained And Nanostructured Binderless WC Consolidated By Spark Plasma Sintering
Girardini, L

Processing of TiAl Alloys by Spark Plasma Sintering
Molénat, G

Effect of Nature of the Initial Powders on the Microstructure of FeAl Intermetallics Consolidated by Spark Plasma Sintering
Grosdidier, T

Sintering II – Processes

Sintering Response and Mechanical Properties of Microwave Sintered 316L Powder Blends
Mascarenhas, J

Application of Spark Plasma Sintering for Manufacturing of Thermoelectric Materials
Schmidt, J

Influence of the C-Potential and of Cr3C2 Addition on the Solid-State Sintering Mechanisms of the WC-Co Alloys
Bounhoure, V

Various Methods to Assess the Degree of Sintering: a Review
Bocchini, GF

Sintering III - Atmospheres & Dimensional Control

Dimensional Stability of Sinter-Hardened Materials
Chagnon, F

Effect Of Sintering Atmosphere and Alloy Elements on The Ferrite-Austenite Transformation Of Iron Compacts
Jaliliziyaeian, M

Establishing and Maintaining the Process Atmosphere in a Powder Metal Sintering Furnace
Ahonen, S

Effect of Oxygen Content during Sintering of Tungsten/Copper Powder Mixtures
Raharijaona, J J

Experimental Procedures for Measuring the Static and Dynamic Young's Moduli of Sintered Steels
Gierl, C

Sintering IV - Sintering Poster Show

Microstructures of NiAl to Titanium and NiAl to Carbon Steel Joints Obtained by Microwave Assisted SHS
Casagrande, A

Spark Plasma Sintering Of Aluminum Powder And Turning Chips To Produce Metal Foams
Casari, F

Carbon and Oxygen Potential of Hydrogen-Nitrogen Atmospheres for Sintering PM Steels
Castro, F

Direct Laser Sintering Of Spherical Metal Powders
Chivel, Y.

Process-Temperature Control Rings as a Tool for Characterization of the Sintering Process
Danninger, H

Nb-Si Reactivity during SPS Fabrication of Nb/Nb5Si3 Composites
Drawin, S

Electro Discharge Compaction of High-Speed Steel Powder.
Grigoryev, E

Diffusion Bonding of Iron and Bronze by Microwave Sintering
Kurt, A

Investigation of Influence Properties of Electrical Discharge Treatment on Properties of Half-Finished Parts from Titanium Powder Produced by Electrical Discharge Sintering
Minko, D

Use of Adaptive Control System in Processes of Electrodischarge Sintering of Titanium Powders
Minko, D

Sintering Analysis Of Heterogeneous Powder Structures By In Situ Microtomography
Olmos, L

Comparison Between Some Properties of the Antifriction Al-based Composite Materials Sintered by Classic and Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) Route
Sima, G

Control and Stabilization of Thermal Modes of Powder Materials Centrifugal Induction Sintering on Cylindrical Parts of Internal Surface
Sosnovsky, I

Update in Plasma Assisted Debinding and Sintering (PADS) Technology
Wendhausen, P

Ti-based MMC Obtained by Means of Spark Plasma Sintering
Zadra, M

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