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Euro PM2009 Proceedings: PM Tool Materials

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  • : 2009

Euro PM2009 Congress Technical Presentations on PM Tool Materials.

This download contains the following papers:

Effect of Carbon Content on the PM Processing and Properties of FeCr-TiCN Composites
P. Alvaredo, S. Tsipas, E. Gordo

Sintered in situ MMC for Wear Protection
Hans Berns, Anastasia Saltykova

Development of new HSS material – Weardens®
Sten Millot, Ole Kræmer and Mogens Jensen

Enhanced Contact Fatigue Behavior of Coated Tool Steels by Using PM Substrates
G. Ramírez, A. Góez, B. Casas, I. Valls, R. Martínez and L. Llanes

Determination of Mechanical and Fatigue Properties of HVOF-Sprayed Coatings
J. Spatzier, L.-M. Berger, K. Lipp

Optimised Sintering and Grain-Growth Inhibition of Ultrafine and Near-Nano Hardmetals
M. Brieseck, I. Hünsche, B. Caspers, B. Szesny, G. Gille, W. Lengauer

AE Monitoring of Microdamage during Flexural Fracture of Cermets
Kenjiro YAMADA and Shuichi WAKAYAMA

Cemented Carbides with a Non-Toxic Binder Fe-Mn
Dariusz Siemiaszko, Marcin Rosiński, Andrzej Michalski

Wear-Microstructure-Property Relationships in Hardmetals
AJ Gant and MG Gee

Selection Criteria of Fe Containing Hardmetal Binders for Metal Cutting Tools
Benno Gries

Effect of the Binder Phase Content and Decarburization Phenomena on the Oxidation and Wear Resistance of WC-CoNiCr Materials
M. Aristizabal, N. Rodriguez, F. Ibarreta, R. Martinez and J.M. Sanchez

Slurry Erosion Resistance of Cr3C2-Ni Cermets
Kristjan Juhani, Jüri Pirso, Mart Viljus

Comparison of Different Cemented Tungsten Carbides Applied to Particleboard Machining End Mills
F. Jorge Lino, João Guimarães, Luís Teixeira, A. Monteiro Baptista, Tiago Fernandes, Fernando Figueiredo

Performance and Failure of Carbide Composites in Different Wear Conditions
Heinrich Klaasen, Tõnu Roosaar, Jakob Kübarsepp, Aleksei Tšinjan

Analysis of ASTM399 Fracture Toughness Testing of Diamond Impregnated Co Matrix
James D. Dwan

Novel Current Induced Short-Time Sintering Processes for the Production of Diamond Tools
W. Tillmann, C. Kronholz , M. Ferreira

Diamond FGMs for Application in Cutting Tools
Marcin Rozmus, Lucyna Jaworska, Andrzej Kalinka

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