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Euro PM2009 Proceedings: Sintering

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  • : 2009

Euro PM2009 Congress Technical Presentations on Sintering.

This download contains the following papers:

Sintering of WC-12Co Powders with Different Particle Sizes by Pulsed Electric Current Sintering and Effect of Powder Characteristics on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties
M. E. Curaa, J. Lagerbomb, J. Lottaa, X.W. Liua, J. Syrena, T. Ritvonenb, U. Kanervaa, Y. Gea, R. Ritasaloa, O. Söderberga, E. Turunenb, S-P. Hannulaa

Electro Discharge Sintering as a Process for Rapid Compaction in PM-Technology
P. Schütte, J. Garcia, W. Theisen

Induction Sintering of Fe-2Cu PM Compacts

Spark Plasma Sintering Behavior of Ceramic Biocomposites Based on Hydroxyapatite Nanopowders
Gingu O., Lupu N., Tanasescu S., Rotaru P., Harabor A., Mangra M., Ciupitu I., Sima G., Olei A., Bucse I.

Consolidation Process of Tungsten Carbide - Cobalt Powder by Electro-Discharge Compaction
E.G. Grigoryev

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Fe3Al Bonded WC Composites Obtained by Pulsed Electric Current Sintering
S.G. Huang, O. Van der Biest, J. Vleugels

Sintering the Easy Way – A Fast Heating Process by Dr. Fritsch for Metal and Ceramic Powders
Pascal Schreyer, Dr. Fritsch, Jens Huber

Comparative Wear Behavior of the Antifriction Al-Based Composite Materials Sintered by Classic and Spark Plasma Sintering Route

Attempts to Sinter a Fine Nickel Powder in a Microwave Single-Mode Cavity
S. Charmond, D. Bouvard, C.P. Carry

Comparison of Thermal and Microwave-Assisted Plasma Sintering of Nickel-Diamond Composites
Barry Twomey, Aidan Breen, Greg Byrne, Alan Hynes and Denis P. Dowling

Microwave Rapid Sintering of Nanostructured Stainless Steel Metal Powders
P. Veronesi, C.Leonelli, G. Poli, E. Bassoli, L. Denti, A. Gatto

Cu Dispersion in Microwave Sintered Iron Compacts
I.M.Kusoglu, K.Onel, M.Willert-Porada

The Effect of Microwave Sintering on In-Situ Synthesis of Cordierite Powder

Oxidation Behavior Resistance of a Duplex NiAl/Ti-Ni-Al Coating by Microwave Assisted SHS on Ti Substrate
I.Boromei, A.Casagrande, G.Poli, P.Veronesi, R. Rosa

In-Situ Synthesis of Mullite Powder from Seydisehir Alumina and Gibbsite via Microwave and Conventional Energy Sources

Microwave Ignited Combustion Synthesis of Intermetallic-Based Functionally Graded Materials
R.Rosa, P. Veronesi, C. Leonelli, A. B. Corradi

Additive Manufacturing of Dense Metal Parts by Electron Beam Melting
U. Ackelid and M. Svensson,

Influence of Compaction on Sintering of a Two Layer Component
A. Thomazic,Y. Le Guennec, Y. Kamdem, C. Pascal, J.M. Chaix, P. Doremus, D. Imbault, D. Bouvard, F. Doré

Liquid Phase Sintering of High-Alloyed Plastic Mould Steels: Calculations and Experimental Findings on Atmospheric Influences
H. Hill, S. Weber, S. Siebert, W. Theisen

Microstructural Evolution in Solar Sintered M2 HSS
G. Herranz, R. Alonso, J. Arévalo, G. Rodríguez

Investigations of Intermetallides, Obtained in Ti-Al-B System in Dynamic Conditions
Mikheil Chikhradze, Akaki Gigineishvili, George Oniashvili and Nikoloz Chikhradze

Surface and Mechanical Properties of Laser Melted Maraging Steel
Marc Jobin, Raphael Foschia, François de Mestral, Eric Vittecoq, et al

Selective Laser Melting (SLM) Optimisation Using Design of Experiment (DoE)
T. Kurzynowski,M. Baranowicz, E.Chlebus

SHS Technology Coupled with Thermal Explosion for Production of Single-Phase Nanocrystalline Materials of Ti-Al System
G.Oniashvili, G. Zakharovi, Z. Aslamazashvili, A.Peikrishvili

Atmosphere Effects on Sintering of Carbon-free Powder Compacts from Different Ferrous Powders
Herbert Danninger, Vassilka Vassileva, Christian Gierl

Advanced Carbon Control in Sintering Atmospheres
Christoph Laumen, Akin Malas, Sören Wiberg and Sigurd Berg

Analysis of Oxide Reduction during Sintering of Cr-alloyed Steel Powder through Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Measurements
Ola Bergman, Karin Frisk, Lars Nyborg,

Studies of Surface Oxides on Steel Powders using Photo Acoustic Spectroscopy coupled with Thermodynamic Calculations
Karin Frisk, Hans Söderberg, Sophie Caddeo

Analysis of Delubrication from Iron Powder Compacts Based on a Direct Observation of Decomposing Lubricant during Sintering
Takashi KAWANO, Tomoshige ONO and Yukiko OZAKI

Characterization of Cu-Al2o3 Composites Manufactured by Powder Metallurgy Method
I. Altınsoy, G. F. Çelebi Efe, T. Yener, M. Ipek, S. Zeytin, C. Bindal

The Development of Low Silica Containing Kiln Furniture for the Sintering of Powder Metals
Dipl.-Ing. Jens Sperber

Fracture Toughness of Al2o3-Ni Composites Prepared by Powder Metallurgy Method
T. Yener, I. Altinsoy, G. F. Çelebi Efe, M. Ipek, S. Zeytin, C. Bindal

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