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The EPMA team are seeking a new Technical Assistance at our office in Chantilly, France. The full job descritption is below – please contact for more information.

Job definition and main objectives:

The Technical Team Assistant leverages their expertise to support the Association’s technical managers in animating, promoting, and enhancing the visibility of EPMA sectoral groups. They also serve as project managers for European projects assigned to them. By designing and implementing events, training sessions, collaborative work, and European projects, they contribute to advocating for the economic and professional interests of EPMA members and to the development of the PM industry.

Main missions

Lead and coordinate European projects.

  • Conduct continuous sectoral monitoring at the European level to identify new project opportunities.
  • Integrate EPMA into detected projects or establish the necessary consortium to respond to project calls.
  • Participate in drafting proposals or assist partner project leaders in constructing responses.
  • Ensure the quality of content and compliance with substantive and formal constraints inherent to projects before submission.
  • Manage the entire project monitoring process and ensure progress of work.
  • Produce financial reports in collaboration with the accountant and for submission to the European Commission (hours, travel expenses, etc.) and the Executive Director.

Animate, coordinate, and promote sectoral groups from the powder metallurgy industry.

  • Actively participate in the development and implementation of seminars for each identified sectoral group, according to its scope.
  • Design the seminar specifications by selecting the best opportunities (choice of location, selection of topics and speakers, etc.) in collaboration with companies in the sector and the academic ecosystem.
  • Facilitate sectoral group meetings (present statistical data) and identify collaborative projects and European projects to be developed.

Produce and collect data.

  • Conduct quantitative (statistical) and qualitative (benchmarking) research to identify the most relevant topics that serve the interests of EPMA members.
  • Conduct studies for each group to build technical studies and ensure their dissemination to the target audience.
  • Collect public and private data to maintain the quality and relevance of information disseminated by EPMA (General Assembly, Annual Congress, etc.).
  • Maintain and cultivate a network of data contributors to enhance the quality and quantity of statistical data.

Build and propose training programs in line with the needs of sectoral groups, within the framework of Summer Schools and Young Engineer’s Day.

  • Select topics in collaboration with academic experts, feedback from association members, and the location of implementation.
  • Curate the content and training program.

Identify, lead, and coordinate collaborative projects (Club Projects).

  • Identify collaborative projects within their area of expertise and/or based on feedback from academics, industry professionals, or research centers.
  • Organize the necessary consortium for project development and deployment.
  • Monitor the project: contractual elements of the consortium, project launch, steering meetings, project closure.
  • Ensure the completion of the project, negotiate and manage the budget, and oversee project invoicing and payment initiation.

Specific missions:

  • Identify new members through sector knowledge and the implementation of collaborative projects of specific and shared interests.
  • Provide expertise to the EPMA team in carrying out their missions.

Participate in continuous performance improvement:

Economic aspect:

  • Contribute to the optimization of events and the promotion of PM technology across the areas covered by the association.
  • Expand the EPMA membership portfolio by detecting new profiles and retaining members through proactive actions.

Quality aspect:

  • Ensure continuous sectoral monitoring and dissemination. Absorb data collections to ensure consistency of actions with PM industry challenges.
  • Contribute to the success of events produced by the EPMA and ensure attendee satisfaction throughout the events.
  • Participate in cross-cutting projects of the association (marketing strategy, EPMA visibility and reputation).

Professional skills/expertise:

  • Project management and animation skills.
  • Knowledge of basic metallurgy, knowledge of Powder Metallurgy would be appreciated.
  • Good understanding of EPMA actors and ecosystem (companies, institutions, academia, etc.).
  • Excellent communication skills (written and oral).
  • Budget management.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office.
  • Digital communication (social media, web).
  • Fluent in English, other main EU languages are a bonus

Behavioural competencies:

  • Rigor and respect for deadlines.
  • Curiosity and open-mindedness.
  • Interpersonal intelligence.
  • Availability and agility.
  • Ability to adapt to members’ demands and constraints.
  • Willingness to accept increasing responsibilities towards all stakeholders
  • Empathy and understanding of needs.

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