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Participants in this year's Seminar can find presentation slides and video footage from the event here.

Find the full report of EPMA's activities from 2022.

Find the presentations from this year's event here.

Learn about the latest EPMA activities, including a Euro PM2023 update.

Learn about the latest EPMA activities, including a Euro PM2023 update.

The Functional Materials Seminar 2023 will focus on Functional Materials for Mobility, and take place 28-29 June 2023 in San Sebastián, Spain.

The annual EPMA data collection activity on all PM strands is now open - Deadline 6 March 2023

EPMA members - complete our sustainability survey to be considered for the 2023 award. 

SAM project is running the last round of studies to identify which Additive Manufacturing skills and profiles are required by industry and felt by workers.

The Metal Injection Moulding process, like all other mass production technologies, requires reliable raw materials for optimal performance, and process improvements for overcoming limitations, efficiency, cost, and last but not least sustainability, are continuous. 

Focusing on metal powders, the event will be taking place in Metz, France 9-11 May 2023.

The Horizon Europe project START on recovery of wasted heat with thermoelectric devices built from recovered mine wastes, in which EPMA is involved, has published the first issue of its newsletter.

Download the latest newsletter to learn about the latest EPMA activities, including World PM2022, Euro PM2023, EU & Club Projects, Seminars and more.

Take part in the 2023 HIP Seminar in Dresden, Germany 7-8 March 2023.

The Press & Sinter Seminar for 2023 will be devoted to the wide topic of “Progress and Challenges in Press&Sinter”.

24 October 2022

ADDress Project Survey

EPMA is participating in a new EU project. ADDress is an Erasmus+ project on “Cooperation partnership in Vocational Education and Training (VET)”.

The WINTEREVs are series of themed meetings organised by the European Hard Materials Group (EuroHM) of the European Powder Metallurgy Association.

It is with great sadness and condolence that the the death of our Peter Vervoort is announced by his colleagues at ONEJOON GmbH.

The SAM project is organizing a free-to-join webinar focusing on Medical Applications in Additive Manufacturing.

The ADDress project was launched on 7th July with an online kick-off meeting.

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