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16 April 2021

34th General Assembly Presentations Now Available

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Presentations from the 34th General Assembly, held 15 April 2021, are now available to EPMA members.

Presentations include:

  • President Address
  • EPMA feedback: Executive Director, Congress, Communication, Club Projects, Survey, Sectoral Groups reports (overview of 2020/2021 activities of P&S/HM/MIM/HIP/AM/FM/EPMI/
  • Legal parts (accounts, budget)

Keynote speeches & Open discussions

  • EU upcoming mandatory requirements on Due-Diligence ; new EU Trade Strategy ; Brexit         Elena Vyboldina​ (Eurometaux)
  • Supreme EU Project         Ms Emmanuelle Cor (CEA-Liten)
  • SAM Eu project  Mrs Adelaide Almeida (EWF)
  • The European Raw Materials Alliance - A concerted action to maintain access to sustainable materials and to establish a resilient Circular Economy - Dr Roland Gauß from EIT RM
  •  “Building a sustainable and transparent magnet value chain” - Dr Badrinath Veluri, President of REIA-(Global Rare Earth Industry Association)

Presentations can be found here.



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