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28 May 2019

Call for partners to join New "High Temperature Sintering – 2” (HTS2) Club Project

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EPMA Technical Manager Bruno Vicenzi invites all partners to join the “High Temperature Sintering – 2” (HTS2) Club Project. The project will be launched with a KickOff meeting later this year, during the Euro PM2019 Congress in Maastricht (The Netherlands), 13 -16 October 2019.

Read the project abstract here: pdf Abstract - HTS paper for Euro PM2019 (95 KB)

HTS2 is the second stage of the completed HTS (“High Temperature Sintering”) Club Project. The HTS project was successfully carried out by a large consortium of companies and with three R&D contractors, and its final meeting was held in November 2018.

The results obtained in HTS by the contractors Uni Trento, PM Solutions and PM Consulting, were quite satisfactory and stimulated new ideas for a Stage 2 of this research project. Read the publishable report here: pdf HTS Publishable Summary (1.16 MB)

I would like to invite you to evaluate the proposal written by the contractors for the second stage, that will be focused on the dynamic and impact properties. Read the project proposal here: pdf HTS2 Project Proposal for new Partners (127 KB)

I enclose the Consortium Agreement for the project HTS2 that almost all the partners of the HTS project have already accepted. In case your company wanted to join, in order to compensate HTS partners for their effort in Stage 1 and in particular for the Intellectual Property Rights of the results obtained from HTS, as new members you will have to pay an additional premium; and late members, joining after the KickOff meeting, will have to pay a further premium. Read the Consortium Agreement here:  pdf Consortium Agreement for HTS2 (161 KB)

The fee to join the project for new member companies is the following:

€ 5555.56 (HTS2 standard fee) + € 2000.00 (HTS Results Access Premium) = € 7555.56

For late member companies the total will be € 8111.11.

We ask you to analyse the documents and give us a response on your will to take part in “HTS2” not after the deadline of Friday 14 June 2019.

Please consider that your application is, as per the Consortium Agreement, subject to the approval via unanimous vote of the nine members of HTS that already joined HTS2. This decision will be communicated to you within June 28th, 2019. After that date the starting Consortium for HTS2 will be established and other applications will be considered as for “late members” and discussed at the earliest during the KickOff meeting, or later during the project.

Bruno Vicenzi can be contacted with questions on this project at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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