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21 January 2021

Catch up with free course materials from the SAM Project's Additive Manufacturing with Nickel feedstock

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Informative videos and PDF's are available to give students a thorough introduction to materials with a focus on different types of Nickel as feedstock for producing AM parts.

 The online course will cover the following topics:

  • Nickel processability with AM
  • Main causes of cracking and how to avoid them
  • Types and goals of heat treatment techniques
  • Interpreting the processability with AM for each alloy with different AM processes and feedstock
  • The applications, recommending processing parameters and shielding gases to achieve quality requirements for a specific part
  • Recommended methods to avoid cracking phenomena and solid-state micro fissures, providing alternatives where necessary.

Course Videos

Video One

Video Two

Video Three


Course Literature

pdf CU030 LECTURE#1 (5.60 MB)

pdf CU030 LECTURE#2 (5.54 MB)

pdf CU030 LECTURE#3 (7.05 MB)

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