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04 April 2017

EPMA 30th General Assembly

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Last week over 40 EPMA Members attended the 30th General Assembly at the Eurometaux Metals Conference Centre, Brussels, Belgium for the EPMA's annual meeting. EPMA Members representing all sectors of the PM supply chain attended the one-day meeting, which featured presentations from the EPMA President, Mr. Philippe Gundermann, who provided an update and overview of the state of the Powder Metal Sector in Europe, as well as EPMA's Executive Director, Dr. Lionel Aboussouan, and Technical Director, Dr. Olivier Coube, who provided updates on their respective areas.

Sectoral Group Chairs also provided presentations on their respective Sectoral Groups and updated the audience on what key actions the groups had been undertaking in the last 12-months, including a view on what 2017 has in-store for their specific sector.

The General Assembly was closed with a presentation called 'Electrifying! – The Shift to Electro-Mobility' by Mr Rob Rickell, President Group Technology, GKN plc. Mr Rickell presented what the future holds with the electrification of the automotive sector. This provided some interesting discussion points during adn after the meeting.

The video recorded of the EPMA's 30th General Assembly, including Mr Rickell's presentation, will be made available in the coming weeks and will be accessible via the Members Area.

There were also several sectoral group meeting that took place around the General Assembly, these being:  

  • European Powder Metallurgy Hot Isostatic Pressing Group (EuroHIP) & HIP Club Project Meeting
  • European Structural Parts Group (EuroPress+Sinter)
  • European Injection Moulding Group (EuroMIM)

If you would like information relating to the above Sectoral Group meetings, please contact either Dr. Aboussouan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for EuroHIP and EuroMIM groups or Dr. Coube (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for the EuroPress&Sinter group.

The slides from the EPMA's 30th General Assembly will be available via the EPMA members Area of the website, as well as the video file taken of the meeting, in the coming weeks.  

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