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11 September 2019

EPMA Brexit Statement – September 2019

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In light of the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, the European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) is doing everything it can to mitigate any potential risks which may arise.

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union (Brexit) means that we must meet the challenges that this decision will bring. Unfortunately, there is still considerable uncertainty as the Brexit negotiations take place and therefore our plans are intended to allow for a large degree of flexibility. As the negotiating deadline for exiting the EU looms closer, we recognise that a number of parties will understandably be concerned; these include EPMA Members, suppliers and stakeholders. One area we have considered the potential impact of changes to customs borders, tariffs, costs and administrative workload for the various promotional events, seminar materials and the annual Euro PM Congress & Exhibition event. We are working with our logistics partners to keep informed of this situation, as well as, retaining stock in the Technical Teams office in France, should any customs checks become counterproductive and overtly time consuming.

As EPMA is a Belgium Registered Trade Association with two offices and one headquarters, the Registered Office in Belgium (headquarters), the Administrative Office in the UK and the recently opened Technical Team Office in Chantilly, France, the day-to-day activities and operating of the EPMA during and post Brexit will not change. EPMA Membership will not change and will continue unabated allowing Members from all EU* and non-EU countries to be part of the Association. EPMA trades in Euro’s and has several bank accounts to ensure positive cashflows, no matter the outcome of the Brexit situation.

EPMA continues to closely monitor all updates and information surrounding the impact of Brexit, especially regarding the possibility of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit and how this will potentially effect EPMA Members and their respective supply chains.

Whatever the relationship between the UK and EU will be in the coming weeks/months/years, EPMA will continue to provide the EPMA Members and stakeholders with the services and support they have experienced over the past 30 years.

As all businesses and customers are different, if you have any specific questions or queries regarding the EPMA Statement on Brexit, please get in contact with us via the website or your usual EPMA contact. 

*Under EPMA Statutes Europe is defined as the following countries – Albania,  Armenia,  Austria,  Azerbaijan, Belarus,  Belgium,  Bulgaria,  Bosnia-Herzegovina,  Croatia,  Czech  Republic,  Denmark,  Eire, Estonia,   Finland,   France,   Germany,  Georgia,  Greece,   Hungary,  Iceland,   Italy,   Latvia, Liechtenstein,   Lithuania,   Luxembourg,   Macedonia,   Moldova,   Montenegro,   Netherlands, Norway,  Poland,  Portugal,  Romania,  Russia,  Serbia,  Slovak  Republic,  Slovenia,  Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

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