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07 November 2018

EPMA Congratulates the 2018 EPMA Fellowship Award Winners

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European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) has again looked to recognise the significant contribution to the PM industry’s development from the scientific/academic community through its annual Fellowship Award.

The EPMA Fellowship Award not only provides a fantastic recognition from the PM community for such tremendous work, but also looks to exemplify the continued involvement in PM science and technologies.

The 2018 Fellowship Awards were presented to the following worthy winners during the Euro PM2018 Congress & Exhibition Plenary Session:

Prof. Paul Beiss, IWM - RWTH Aachen, Germany

Professor Paul Beiss is a Graduate of Mechanical Engineering, who studied at RWTH Aachen with a focus on production engineering until 1972. His Doctoral thesis was on extrusion of copper. He made a change to become professor for metallic materials in mechanical engineering RWTH Aachen in 1994. He is a Fellow of the American Powder Metallurgy Institute. He has been active with the EPMA since 2004, he is active with the EPMA EuroPress&Sinter sectoral group and the RET working group.

Professor Dr. Herbert Danninger, Technische Universität Wien, Vienna, Austria

Professor Herbert Danninger is a Graduate in Chemical engineering, which he achieved in 1979. His Doctoral thesis was completed at the Institute for Chemical Technology of Inorganic Materials, entitled “Influence of the Manufacturing Parameters on the Properties of Tungsten Heavy Alloys” was completed in 1980. He was appointed as a Full Professor for Chemical Technology of Inorganic Materials in 2003. In January 2016 he was awarded the Doctor honoris causa of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain. He has been active with the EPMA since 2004, he is active with the EPMA EuroHIP, EuroMIM, EuroAM, EuroHM sectoral groups and the EPMI working group. He is also editor for the Journal of Powder Metallurgy, which is the official journal of the EPMA.

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