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21 March 2022

EPMA Election Council 2022-2024 - Deadline for vote: 18 April

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EPMA Full Members can vote to elect their representatives on the EPMA council.

For the council election we have a list of 26 companies and only 20 seats. All votes are important.

You will find here the list of companies, the name of the person who will represent the company and which sector the company is willing to represent: pdf EPMA 2022 2024 Council election (425 KB)

Due to the fact the GA will be hybrid it will not be possible to organise the vote on site.

I need that you cast your vote online by following this link:

Deadline for vote is 18 April 2022

In the vote you have to say YES / No for each company and which sector you think this company will best represent. 

I remind you that only full members have voting right, and it is 1 vote per company.

I also remind you that the general Assembly will be on April 28 in Brussels with possibility to be connected by MSTeams.

All information are regularly updated on EPMA website:

 European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) - EPMA 35th General Assembly

You have to register to the GA, even if you intend to join by remote we need to have the list of participants so we can send you the link.

European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) - Register to Attend

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