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05 January 2017

EPMA Extends its Range of Events/Seminars

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2017 will be a busy year for the EPMA, its Members and potential users of powder metallurgy as EPMA extends its range and depth of events and seminars to represent more PM industry sectors.

EPMA will be running 4 more events over 2016, as there will be seminars on Hot Isostatic Pressing, PM Structural Parts, Metal Injection Moulding and one that will be running for the first time called PM for Non-PM Specialists. These new events are in addition to the annual series, which comprise the EPMA PM Summer School and Euro PM Congress & Exhibition. For the second year running there will be a seminar on Additive Manufacturing.

The first seminar of the year 'Design for PM, taking place in Bologna, Italy 27 - 28 April, is now open for registration only at

'Extending the range of EPMA events to represent all PM industry facets not only helps to promote the PM process, but helps to attract end users and new users to PM technology, understand the benefits and advantages PM components can produce' explained Andrew Almond, EPMA's Marketing Manager. He went onto add 'It is only through the cooperation and assistance from the EPMA's various Sectoral Group Members that EPMA is able to extend the depth and range of events being organised and operated this year.'

The full range of EPMA's Powder Metallurgy Seminars can be found below, with more information being made available in due course and via a dedicated micro-site -

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