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18 December 2018

EPMA Launch Functional Materials Sectoral Group – EuroFM Group

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2018 has seen the formation of a new EPMA Sectoral Group, coming 5-years after the formation of the last Sectoral Group, EuroAM. The European Functional Material Sectoral Group or EuroFM as it will also be known, was created after the EPMA's Functional Materials Seminar held in Jülich, Germany, earlier this year.

The objective of the group is to promote the interests of EPMA Members in the field of Functional Materials to help increase awareness of the Functional Material sector, promote knowledge exchanges and improve the understanding of this sector end users, designers, mechanical engineers, metallurgists and students.

Functional materials can be defined in a number of different ways, however the EuroFM’s definition is that the materials make use of a distinct physical property they bring into a component. Examples of material properties could be magnetism, caloric effects, electronic conductivity which would allow the component to benefit from these additional features. Whatever the functionality they provide, they are key components with regard to targeted applications. With growing understanding of powder-based processes, the desire to implement functionality into components also increases, making functional materials an important part in current and future applications and developments.

“The creation of the Functional Materials Sectoral Group is a positive step for the EPMA, as these types of components and the applications they are used in could show us what to expect from components of the future”, explained Dr Lionel Aboussouan, EPMA’s Executive Director and group facilitator. He went onto say “When we think of future components made by using the Powder Metal process, functional, maybe even adaptive materials, where the component has the ability to change a property, such as internal structure, will help to keep PM at the cutting edge of industrial applications.”

The EuroFM is chaired by Dr Sebastian Hein (Fraunhofer Institut – IFAM) and Mr Peter Kjeldsteen (Sintex a/s) who are able to bring a great deal of industrial knowledge and expertise to enable the newly formed group to develop future projects and activities the sector can benefit from.

There will be a Functional Materials Seminar taking place 3-4 April 2019, Bremen, Germany that will cover three main areas –

  • Processing of functional materials
  • Functional material and energy conversion
  • Functional material and energy storage

As well as the technical presentations there will also be the opportunity to view FM components in the FM Showcase within the schedule.

More information can be found on the following pages:

or by contacting Delphine Nicolas, EPMA Events and Project Co-Coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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