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07 February 2017

EPMA PM R&D Centres Mapping Project

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EPMA, with assistance from its PMRADNET (Academic Network) working group has embarked on a European-wide mapping exercise of EPMA Member powder metallurgy research and development centres. The EPMA PM R&D Centres Mapping Project is aimed to highlight the number of R&D centres in Europe that are working on various PM related areas for research & development activities.

"This is a great opportunity for EPMA Members who are active in the fields of Research & Development to highlight what aspects of PM they are active in" explained Dr. Olivier Coube EPMA Technical Director & coordinator of the EPMA's RADNET Working Group. He went onto add "The data collected will make it easier for potential users of powder metallurgy to discuss future research programmes and projects, using the easy-to-use map based interface."

To add your Research Centres information, which includes Universities active in PM learning programmes, please go to Submit your R&D Centre to complete your free of charge listing. The form to submit your details has been made as easy as possible to complete and only contains 9 questions.     

Once your submission has been accepted your details will be added to a map of European Powder Metallurgy R&D centres, a working version can be found at R&D Centre Mapping.

Please note that the mapping exercise is in its beta phase and should be completed in the forthcoming months. More information regarding EPMA Member R&D centres can be found by clicking on the link "find out more about this EPMA Member". If you have any questions relating to the EPMA PM R&D Centre Mapping Project, please contact Dr Olivier Coube, EPMA Technical Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.

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