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05 May 2021

EPMA's Press&Sinter Benchmarking survey for the production year 2020 is now open!

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Earlier this year, we launched two online questionnaires that have been successfully completed, the Trend Survey and the Statistics, even if participation was not as high as wished. We are now coming to you to propose joining this year’s Benchmarking for Press and Sinter.

Prepared for all Press&Sinter-related companies* willing to take advantage of this useful quality assessment tool, the Benchmarking survey requires specific data from production and quality control (related to the year 2020 performance), that are averaged by EPMA. Only participants will receive the results: the participating companies will then be able to compare their performance to those averages.

All individual benchmarking data are treated confidentially; anyway, a Non-Disclosure Agreement can be requested while filling the questionnaire. Technically, we will need to reach the minimum needed for it to be carried out, that is six different production sites (normally companies, although companies should contribute with one entry for each of their production sites) per category (e.g., for parts makers, equipment manufacturers, etc.): that is necessary to guarantee anonymity, so that participants cannot guess other companies’ data.

Because of the extraordinary conditions encountered last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we expect that the data will be somewhat different from usual, but probably not less important, or even more important than in normal years.

Complete the Press&Sinter Benchmarking

There are two documents useful documents to assist completion of this survey. The first can be used to download a PDF version of the questionnaire if you wish to prepare your answers before accessing the online tools, especially advisable for the Benchmarking; the second is to download a specific help file for the Benchmarking to give you the definitions of the data required to fill the questionnaire. Further details about the survey can be found at the top of the questionnaire itself, including information regarding non-disclosure agreements if you need a formal commitment on confidentiality.

We would appreciate if you or other relevant colleagues (please forward this E-Mail when needed) could complete the survey before 31st May 2021. If you need extra time after the deadline please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and discuss this with us.

pdf SurveyMonkey PS Benchmarking 2021 (154 KB)

pdf EPMA benchmarking 2021 Guidelines (272 KB)

* Possible categories: Equipment supplier, powder manufacturer, sintered component manufacturer (Ferrous Parts/Hardmetals/semi-finished products)


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