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28 January 2020

EPMA will close the UK office and regroup the 2 EPMA offices into a common office in France

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The reason for this decision is to overall improve efficiency through facilitating collaboration and communication as well as enabling a better platform for cost optimisation.

The UK office will be closed on 30th April. From 1st May, remaining employees will work from home. The French office will then become the main administrative office and the EPMA Headquarter remains in Brussels. 

The UK member of staff were given the possibility to relocate to France. Some members will work until the EuroPM2020 congress to ensure continuity.

A new organization is currently being set up and further information will be given in due time. For the time being, all the good work done by the UK staff will keep going.

From 31st of March if you need to contact the office by phone, please use the French office phone: + 33 9 80 94 84 90

EPMA French office: 1 Avenue du General de Gaulle - F-60500 Chantilly - France

Counting on your continuous support,


Lionel Aboussouan - Executive Director

Ralf Carlström - EPMA President

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