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13 October 2015

Introduction to Additive Manufacturing Technology Brochure Launched

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The European Additive Manufacturing Group (EAMG), through the work of its chair persons, Adeline Riou, Erasteel, and Claus Aumund-Kopp, Fraunhofer Institut – IFAM have combined their knowledge and expertise to help create a European Powder Metallurgy Association 'Introduction to Additive Manufacturing Technology' brochure.

The first brochure of its kind that brings collates all the various additive manufacturing processes in one easy to read and digest booklet. The 44-page 'Introduction to Additive Manufacturing Technology' brochure has been created specifically for Designers and Engineers who are new to Additive Manufacturing and want to learn how to design with this technology. The booklet goes into detail regarding the different additive manufacturing (AM) technologies and processes available on the market today, covering the various melting processes.  

The brochure contains information relating to the metal powders used in the AM process, from chemical composition to powder morphology, providing a comprehensive explanation of designing components for AM.

A case study section covers the back end of the book, consisting of case studies from many end user sectors from aerospace to consumer goods, to name but a few. The diverse case studies provide an understanding of how AM components can be used in a variety of applications and sectors and the benefits of using AM components.

The 'Introduction to Additive Manufacturing Technology' brochure is available for PDF download in the EPMA Free Publications section.

Hard copy versions of the 'Introduction to Additive Manufacturing Technology' brochure are available to order for companies in Europe. To order a hard copy brochure, please email Scarlett Williams, Event Assistant- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the quantities you require.  

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