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06 December 2022

MIM Seminar 2023 Call for Speakers

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The Metal Injection Moulding process, like all other mass production technologies, requires reliable raw materials for optimal performance, and process improvements for overcoming limitations, efficiency, cost, and last but not least sustainability, are continuous. 

The EPMA seminar will cover the recent improvements in the field, on any process step, with some more focus on available materials in terms of powders and feedstocks. 

The event will be hosted in Sandviken, Sweden, at the Högbo Sandvik facility, north of Stockholm and about 150 km from Stockholm’s Arlanda airport. A visit to the Sandvik AM centre and MIDAS & ATHENA powder production facilities will be included. 

In addition to the lectures, some interactive sessions will also be organised, as proven successful in the latest 2020 event, where all participants will share their view in a brainstorming session. This will be a very useful activity, that will give everyone the opportunity to contribute to highlight priorities, possible developments and applications, etcetera, also in view of possible collaborative R&D. 

It will be a great chance for the MIM community to meet, and learn about some of the newest developments, but also engage in fruitful discussions. Thus, participation in person is strongly encouraged for the best experience, although remote connection will be offered. 

If you are interested in speaking at the seminar, go to the “Call for Speakers” following the link, and deliver your title and abstract for evaluation! The deadline for speakers application is 01 February 2023, 23:59 CET. 

Link for speakers:  

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