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14 May 2012

Successful EPMA Annual Meeting in Reims, France

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Members of EPMA met together in Reims last week for their Annual Meeting.

Executive Board and Council meetings were held on 9th May, followed by an Annual Dinner at the Brasserie Flo, when participants were able to relax and enjoy an aperitif outside in the evening sunshine before their meal.

The EPMA General Assembly took place on the following day at the Reims Congress Centre which will be the venue for the 2015 Euro PM event. EPMA President, Mr Ingo Cremer, welcomed members to the the meeting and gave an overview of the current financial situation in Europe. Productive industry was essential for future prosperity, he said, and PM played a valuable part, providing goods for a global market, and maintaining a workforce with diverse professional skills. Mr Jonathan Wroe, Executive Director of EPMA, then gave an update of EPMA's activities over the past twelve months which focussed on research projects, the wide range of working group activities plus the success of the PM training courses and EuroPM 2011 Congress. He reported that the association has nearly recovered its membership numbers to pre- crisis levels and produced a positive financial result in 2011. Mr Jason Kaplan, Research Manager at Metal Bulletin gave a keynote speech focusing on "How Changing Commodity Fundamentals May Play to Powder Metallurgy's Strengths". Mr Kaplan highlighted how improved production efficiency and reduced recycling costs in the face of ever increasing raw material prices, and the demand for technological enhancements to meet environmental legislation, would strengthen the demand for powder metallurgy products. The annual meeting concluded with meetings of the European Structural Parts Group (ESPG). Next year's Annual Meeting will take place on 3rd/4th May 2013 in Munich.

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