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10 May 2021

The new “Introduction to Functional Materials” booklet is available for free download! Join the launch webinar on 20th May, 11:00-12:00 CET!

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After a long work, with many experts involved due to the complexity of the topic, EPMA is proud to announce that a new booklet in the series “Intro to…” is now available for free download on the EPMA website! 

The “Introduction to Functional Materials”, born by a large collaboration inside and outside the EPMA’s EuroFM Sectoral Group, is a detailed snapshot (about 50 pages of text and images) of the world of Functional Materials, a sector that includes many different families of powder metallurgy materials and technologies: from soft and hard magnets to biomaterials, from high temperature resistant alloys to thermoelectric materials, from functionally porous to hard materials, from friction to hydrogen storage materials, and many others. This variety deserved a rather accurate description! And in many cases powder metallurgy is the process of election for manufacturing, and sometimes even the only viable process, that opened up the possibility of producing such materials. 

You are all invited to download a copy today! Please connect to this page on the EPMA website and get yours! 

For the occasion, EPMA would like to invite you to join our launch webinar! A free event that will take place on MS Teams on 20th May 2021, 11:00-12:00 CET! 

During the webinar, Sebastian Hein, from Fraunhofer IFAM Bremen, co-chair of the EuroFM group, and Martin Bram, Forschungszentrum Jülich, the main collaborator for the booklet, will give a short introduction on the work done. After a short presentation by Bruno Vicenzi, technical manager of EPMA, about the activities of the association in the field via the EuroFM group, most of the time will be dedicated to the Questions and Answers from the audience, and you will have the chance to interact with the speakers and a large panel of experts who have contributed to the booklet. You will be able to pose questions on the different materials and applications and get further valuable information; in addition to this, the discussion could also focus on the possible improvements of the booklet in the next editions. 

To take part in the event, although participation is free of charge, a registration is required. Please fill the form here within the deadline of 19th May 12:00 AM CET, and you will receive the link to the meeting. 

Join today and prepare to ask all you always wanted to know about Functional Materials, but never dared to ask! 

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