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EPMA will be exhibiting at the DEVELOP3D LIVE 2017 conference and exhibition, Warwick University, 28 March 2017. DEVELOP3D LIVE is the UK's leading conference and exhibition celebrating product design, engineering and emerging manufacturing technologies, which includes how manufacturing processes can bring world-leading products to market faster.

"Whilst many of the delegates are becoming aware of additive manufacturing, not all of them may be aware about the benefits of the other metal powder based processes, such as press & sinter, MIM and HIP" explained Andrew Almond, EPMA's Marketing Manager. He added "By exhibiting at this type of event, EPMA can introduce the additional areas PM covers, which could open doors for new components and ways of thinking, including some of which they may have not even considered."
EPMA will be exhibiting on stand #28a in the Mead Gallery.

Further information on this year's event can be found at

Euro PM2017 Congress & Exhibition is proud to announce the number of submitted abstracts for this year’s annual Euro PM Series event has hit an all-time Euro PM high of over 300 papers! The 3-day technical conference for powder metallurgy and related sectors, which includes structural parts, hard materials, metal injection moulding, hot isostatic pressing and additive manufacturing, will see oral presentations and poster presentations covering all of PM.
"Following a very positive and busy year, which featured the World PM2016 Congress & Exhibition, we were not sure if the 2017 event would be as well supported, but we are overwhelmed with the number of abstracts submitted and the support the PM and related sectors have provided" explained Kate Blackbourne, EPMA’s Congress Manager. She went onto add "Having the event taking place in Milan will make allow participants to sample one of Europe’s key cities for commerce, fashion and design, where contemporary and traditional cultures combine for an immersive experience."

The Euro PM2017 Exhibition will run in parallel to the technical sessions, allowing exhibition visitors and delegates alike to discuss new projects and meet with new and existing suppliers all in one easy to access location. The exhibition area is centrally located within the Milano Congressi (MiCo) venue, and adjacent to the technical session rooms and lunch facilities, allowing participants easy access to both areas.

"The Euro PM2017 Exhibition Area, which will be open for a full 3-days of exhibiting, will make for a great place for industrious discussions and networking opportunities between exhibitors, delegates and visitors" commented Andrew Almond, EPMA’s Exhibition Manager. He continued "This year has seen a large number of exhibitors booking earlier than in previous years, which has resulted in limited exhibition space at the same point in the exhibition calendar, when compared to previous Euro PM years. The conveniently located exhibition area will provide a suitable location to showcase the PM industry supply chain products and services in 2017."

Euro PM2017 Congress & Exhibition is taking place 1-5 October 2017 in the north wing of the Milano Congressi (MiCo) Centre and is easily accessible via the Milan metro and local bus routes, allowing attendees to experience the plethora of museums, theatres and landmarks that makes Milan such an attractive city to explore.

Further information on this year’s event, including the last remaining exhibition spaces, or to sign up to join the Euro PM2017 Mailing List can all be found at

A newly devised European Communications Working Group (ECOM) has been set up to assist EPMA marketing and promotional activities to assist in coordinating EPMA efforts between the EPMA Secretariat and EPMA Members.

The ECOMs first meeting took place via a conference call on 13 January 2017 to discuss the EPMA's calendar of promotional events in 2017. Following the discussion of the group the following events were decided upon to either visit or exhibit at:

EventLocationDateParticipation Type
Advanced Engineering Sweden Gothenburg, Sweden 8 - 9 March Exhibit
Develop 3D Warwick, UK 28 March Exhibit
Med-Tech Innovation Expo Coventry, UK 26 - 27 April Visit
automechanika Birmingham, UK 6 - 8 June Visit
PowderMet 2017 Las Vegas, USA 13 - 16 June Visit
Paris Airshow Paris, France 19 - 25 June Visit
European Automotive Components Expo Stuttgart, Germany 20 - 22 June Exhibit
Advanced Engineering UK 2017 Birmingham, UK 1 - 2 Nov Exhibit
Formnext 2017 Frankfurt, Germany 14 - 17 November Exhibit
CTI Getriebesymposium Berlin, Germany 4 - 7 December Exhibit

If you are interested to join the European Communications Working Group, please email Andrew Almond This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will be able to provide you with details of the next ECOM group meeting, which will be looking at the EPMA's Marketing Strategy for 2017.

The Global PM Property Database ( has been enhanced to include examples of PM microstructures to assist PM parts manufacturers and end-users during interpretation of PM microstructures. The enhancement will help to build an appreciation of what a powerful tool metallography can be in engineering new components, designing new materials and solving a range of quality control issues.

After log-in, a short-cut link allows the user to reference the microstructural phases in materials processed by conventional sintering, elevated temperature sintering, accelerated post-sintering cooling, etc. Guidance is also given on specimen preparation and proper etchant selection.

The free-to-use database has been developed jointly by the major PM trade bodies, the European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA), the Japan Powder Metallurgy Association (JPMA), and the Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF), who developed the Guide to PM Microstructures, to provide access to comprehensive and accredited mechanical, fatigue and physical property data for ferrous and non-ferrous materials, processed by conventional press-sinter PM, Powder Forging and Metal Injection Moulding (MIM).

Should any EPMA Member wish to submit additional data to the Global PM Property Database, in the first instance please contact David Whittaker - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

EPMA is proud to announce the 2017 Powder Metallurgy Thesis Competition.

This competition is open to all graduates of a European University whose theses have been officially accepted or approved by the applicant's teaching establishment during the previous three years. Theses, which must be classified under the topic of Powder Metallurgy, are judged by an international panel of PM experts, drawn from both academia and industry.

Winners of the PM Thesis Competition will be awarded prizes of €750 and €1,000 for Masters and Doctorate levels respectively, sponsored by Högänas AB. Winners also receive complimentary registration to the Euro PM2017 Congress & Exhibition courtesy of EPMA, which includes the opportunity to share a five minute presentation during the plenary session. Additionally, there is the opportunity of having the winning work published in the prestigious journal Powder Metallurgy.

'The PM Thesis Competition is a great opportunity to showcase your work to the PM industry on a European scale', explained Kate Blackbourne, EPMA's Congress Manager. She went on to add 'We're really excited to now be running this competition annually and we look forward to receiving your submissions.'

The submission form, along with further information, can be found at All submissions must be received by Wednesday 26 April 2017. Specific questions regarding the PM Thesis Competition can be directed to Kate Blackbourne This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel: +44 (0)1743 24 88 99.

EPMA will be hosting a Design for Powder Metallurgy (PM) Seminar in April this year. The 2-day intensive training course will be beneficial to designers, particularly in the automotive sector and to technical and managerial personnel, as well as end users who wish to gain a more comprehensive idea of designing by the PM process.

The Design for PM Seminar will offer an introduction to powder metallurgy and its various processes, the materials that can be used within the PM process and a comparison against alternative manufacturing technologies and processes.

‘If you are already designing components, or are thinking about designing components produced by the powder metal process, the Design for PM seminar would be of great benefit to you and your organisation’, explained Dr. Olivier Coube, EPMA’s Technical Director. He went onto add ‘The 2-day seminar will look to realise theory into practise with industry related case studies from PM companies, with the programme being completed with a factory tour visit to the Ducati factory.’

The Design for PM programme has been created with assistance from the EPMA’s European Structural Parts Group and will take place in Bologna, Italy 27-28 April 2017 at the Best Western Plus Tower Hotel Bologna. The full Design for PM programme can be found at and a prompt reservation is recommended as there are a limited number of spaces available. The deadline for booking on this seminar is Wednesday 22 March, 2017. Specific questions regarding this seminar can be directed to Miss Scarlett Williams, Event & Project Coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel: +44 (0) 1743 248899.

EPMA will be hosting a HIP Seminar in April this year. The seminar will be of interest to end users and designers as well as technical and managerial personnel in the HIP industry. The two days take a particular focus on how Hot Isostatic Pressing can be used in large, complex parts and in demanding applications for companies who may be looking into the use of HIP versus conventional powder metallurgy.

'The seminar has been organised to provide information about the Hot Isostatic Pressing process and how it has become viable and high performance alternative to conventional processes', explained Dr. Lionel Aboussouan EPMA's Executive Director. He went onto add 'The 2-day seminar will feature topics such as materials, simulation as well as case studies from a variety of industries.'

The HIP programme has been created with assistance from the EPMA's European Hot Isostatic Pressing Group and will take place on the outskirts of Sheffield, UK 4-5 April 2017 at the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRC). The full seminar programme can be found at and a prompt reservation is recommended as there are a limited number of spaces available. The deadline for booking on this seminar is Wednesday 1 March, 2017. Specific questions regarding this seminar can be directed to Mrs Rhianna Jones, Event & Administration Assistant at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2017 will be a busy year for the EPMA, its Members and potential users of powder metallurgy as EPMA extends its range and depth of events and seminars to represent more PM industry sectors.

EPMA will be running 4 more events over 2016, as there will be seminars on Hot Isostatic Pressing, PM Structural Parts, Metal Injection Moulding and one that will be running for the first time called PM for Non-PM Specialists. These new events are in addition to the annual series, which comprise the EPMA PM Summer School and Euro PM Congress & Exhibition. For the second year running there will be a seminar on Additive Manufacturing.

The first seminar of the year 'Design for PM, taking place in Bologna, Italy 27 - 28 April, is now open for registration only at

'Extending the range of EPMA events to represent all PM industry facets not only helps to promote the PM process, but helps to attract end users and new users to PM technology, understand the benefits and advantages PM components can produce' explained Andrew Almond, EPMA's Marketing Manager. He went onto add 'It is only through the cooperation and assistance from the EPMA's various Sectoral Group Members that EPMA is able to extend the depth and range of events being organised and operated this year.'

The full range of EPMA's Powder Metallurgy Seminars can be found below, with more information being made available in due course and via a dedicated micro-site -

The EPMA Website - has recently been upgraded behind the scenes, which has resulted in a fresher look for the users experience and interface. was last upgraded some 4 years ago, a long time in technology circles.

" has been upgraded to allow us to incorporate more materials and modules", explained Tammy Harris, Website Administrator. She went onto add "This upgrade will allow better interfaces for the customer on various devices they are using to access the internet and ensure is as easy to use and navigate as before".

As of 1 January 2017 the European Additive Manufacturing Group (EAMG) will be renamed to 'EuroAM'.

The renamed EuroAM will continue to cover the same industry sector as the EAMG did and focus on the AM sector. The change of name for the group is an effort to further raise the awareness of the group and its activities in the AM sector on a European-wide basis, as the EAMG Group felt that the current EAMG name did not reflect this strategic objective enough.

"This is a great opportunity for the EuroAM group to be positioned as leading the AM future in Europe", explained Andrew Almond, EPMA's Marketing Manager. He added "2017 will see the EAMG sectoral group name change across all EPMA branding and websites."

The EAMG name change officially comes into effect as of 1 January 2017, but some webpages have started to be changed, due to the Christmas holiday period and shut down.

EPMA recently attend and presented at the Advances in Particulate Engineering for Defence, Safety and Security Applications event organised by IOM Communications Ltd on behalf of the Particulate Engineering Committee and Defence, Safety and Security Committee of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

The one day intensive workshop focussed on the Defence, Safety and Security industries and the challenges of ensuring product capability and reliability under a range of extreme conditions involving temperature, pressure, friction, wear, corrosion, stress and impact. The event showcased the ability of the particulate materials industry to provide elegant and practical solutions for the needs of a wide range of challenging defence, safety and security related applications. Dr. Lionel Aboussouan EPMA’s Executive Director presented an Overview status and trends in the European PM Industry.

‘This was an interesting and stimulating workshop on particulate materials in the defence sectors and the applications that can be produced' explained Andrew Almond, EPMA's Marketing Manager. He added 'Although the workshop was based in the UK, at TWI Ltd, the programme contained a range of international speakers, which provided positive networking opportunities.'

The EPMA, under its European Additive Manufacturing Group (EAMG) exhibited at last month's Formnext powered by tct 2016 exhibition, which covered all aspects of the additive manufacturing supply chain. The 4-day event held for only its second time in Frankfurt's iconic Messe Centre Hall 4 had exhibiting companies represented from across the entire supply chain from powder makers, equipment suppliers and ancillary services.

Due to the interest in the additive manufacturing (AM) sector the exhibition area took the whole of Hall 4, an increase in 33% of space over the previous year, which allowed for over 300 exhibiting companies to take part. The exhibition space increase resulted in an increase of attendees by nearly 50%, with over 13,000 trade visitors attending the event.

The European AM Group/EPMA exhibition stand benefited from the expanded exhibition area as over 250 Introduction to Additive Manufacturing Technology brochures and over 100 EPMA Member Guides on Powder Manufactures were handed out to end users, students and trade visitors.

'Over the last couple of years this exhibition has grown into one of the key European AM related events' commented Andrew Almond, EPMA's Marketing Manager. He added 'This year's footfall to the European AM Group/EPMA stand has surpassed our initial expectations given that we have nearly run out of AM brochures to provide to participants! To continue and develop the EPMA's focus on the AM sector, future attendance at formnext powered by tct needs to be considered.'

As part of the EPMA's EAMG sectoral group imitative for 2017 a second edition of the well-received Introduction to Additive Manufacturing Technology brochure will be produced containing new case studies and more details on current AM processes, technology and techniques.

If you would like to contribute to the 2nd Edition of the Introduction to Additive Manufacturing brochures content and case studies, please submit new useful and educative content such as text, images, graphs for the attention of James Batten, Graphic Communications Assistant - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before March 1, 2017.

All contacts made from this exhibition will be passed onto the relevant EPMA Members.

EPMA will be actively supporting the forthcoming IOM3 one day workshop on Advances in Particulate Engineering for Defence, Safety and Security Applications by providing content during the programme.

Organised by IOM Communications Ltd on behalf of the Particulate Engineering Committee and Defence, Safety and Security Committee of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining

Defence, Safety and Security industries face the challenges of ensuring product capability and reliability under a range of extreme conditions involving temperature, pressure, friction, wear, corrosion, stress and impact. This event will be a showcase for the ability of the particulate materials industry to provide elegant and practical solutions for the needs of a wide range of challenging defence, safety and security related applications.

This one-day workshop will bring together a range of world leading experts from industry and academia who will take part in a series of presentations followed question and answer sessions looking at:

  • Impact of processes and materials on personnel / vehicle protection
  • The specification and characterisation of particulate materials
  • Future developments in the sector, NDE - Monitoring strategies
  • The experience of End Users from safety critical applications

If you are interested to attend this one-day workshop please go to for further details.

Hamburg, well known for being Germany's second largest city and one of Europe's largest container ports, played host to the World PM2016 Congress & Exhibition event, 9-13 October 2016. The 'World Series' World PM2016 event, organised and sponsored by the European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) made for a truly international event with participants attending from over 60 countries, including the Far East, Africa and the Americas. The appeal of the World PM2016 event meant that it attracted over 400 Oral and Poster presentations and a strong attendance in excess of 1900 participants.

The event also included a sell-out exhibition with over 200 booths covering companies from all parts of the PM supply chain. Dr. Lionel Aboussouan, EPMA Executive Director said "Hamburg will be well remembered within PM circles for a positive and successful World PM event. We would like to thank all the EPMA supporters who, over the last 5 years, have helped to create a first-rate World PM event in Europe. We would also like to thank our sponsors (BASF, Höganäs AB, Linde AG, Makin Metal Powders UK, Rio Tinto QMP, SACMI Imola SC, Taylor & Francis Group); our Keynote speakers (Oliver Schauerte, VW and Roland Käppner, thyssenKrupp); the Technical Programme Committee; and to Michael Krehl, this year's Congress Chairman".

This year, there were plenary presentations from Europe, the USA and Asia, which will be available in the coming weeks on the World PM2016 website ( During the Congress plenary session, the EPMA Distinguished Service Award was presented to Dr. Cesar Molins (AMES) and six special keynote paper awards to those papers selected as having the highest merit were presented to:

  • Mr Daniel Schwenck, University of Bremen, Germany,
  • Mr Dominik Bauer, Airbus Group Innovations, Germany
  • Mr Alexander Angré, Swerea KIMAB, Sweden
  • Dr Thomas Ebel, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Germany
  • Dr Jean-Michel Missiaen, Grenoble INP, France
  • Mr Yuu Akiyama, Sumitomo Electric Sintered Alloy Ltd, Japan
  • Dipl.-Ing. Nadine Eiβmann, Technical University Dresden, Germany

The bi-annual EPMA Theses Competition also featured in the Opening Session with the winning theses from:

  • Doctorate category - Dr Elena Bernardo Quejido, ‘Optimization of Liquid Phases for Sintering Low Alloy Steels: Effect on Microstructure and Dimensional Control', Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.
  • Masters category - Mr Uriel Tradowsky, ‘Selective Laser Melting of AlSi10Mg: Influence of Post-Processing on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties', Technical University of Berlin and the University of Birmingham.

The EPMA 2016 Powder Metallurgy Component Awards was next to follow, which highlighted the excellence of today's PM industry components. Winners of this year's well respected components award competition ranged from one of the largest 3D printed aerospace elements, by Airbus, through to an innovative planetary carrier assembly in the automotive sector courtesy of Stackpole. The following winners were all awarded the much sought after and prestigious EPMA 2016 PM Component Award:

  • Additive Manufacturing category - Airbus Operations GmbH - "Bionic Partition"
  • Hot Isostatic Pressing category - Aubert & Duval - "Near Net Shape Hipped Astroloy Casing for High Speed Turbine".
  • Metal Injection Moulding category - Schunk Sintermetalltechnik GmbH - "2C-Pin".
  • Structural PM Part's category - Stackpole International in collaboration with ZF Friedrichshafen - "Planetary Carrier assembly comprised of Spider and Guide Plate".

For the third successive year the EPMA's Young Engineers Day enabled students from five Universities to attend the World PM event and experience through an intensive 2-day programme in what a career in the PM industry can offer undergraduates. The traditional Gala Dinner on the Tuesday evening saw some 1000 attendees enjoy a cruise along the River Elbe, culminating in a spectacular firework display.

If you attended the event and have not yet entered our feedback survey, you still have time to win one of three remote controlled Ferrari LaFerraris - please visit until the 31 October 2016.

Work is underway for next year's Euro PM2017 Congress & Exhibition, to be held in Milan, 1-4 October 2017. For further information on this year's World PM Event or to receive further information on this and other EPMA events please contact the EPMA Secretariat.

EPMA will once again be exhibiting at the forthcoming 2016 Advanced Engineering UK exhibition, taking place at Birmingham's NEC, 2 & 3 November.

There are over 700 exhibitors from all across the manufacturing and supply chain for you to discuss new opportunities with.

Within the event your badge provides you access to the entire Advanced Engineering hall, which contains the following areas -

  • Composites Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Performance Metals Engineering
  • Enabling Innovation

Your badge will also get you into co-located shows including:

  • Smart Factory Expo - The UK's only dedicated exhibition in response to Industry 4.0
  • Lab Innovations 2016 - The UK's only event dedicated to laboratory professionals

Further information, including registration forms and opening times can be found at

The European Additive Manufacturing Group (EAMG) will organise a special EAMG meeting on the 3 November 2016 in Brussels (Metal Conference Centre, 5th Floor, 100 Rue du Duc, Brussels, Belgium) from ca. 10:00am until 16:30pm. Three years after its formation, the EAMG steering group would like to discuss with the EAMG members current and future activities in regards to:

  • Education, Training, Promotion and Networking
  • Standardisation
  • Research Projects and Innovation
  • Benchmarking, Network with other AM organizations...

The main objective of this meeting will be to discuss and agree the way forward for the above areas, following on from the EAMG open meeting held on the 11 October 2016 during the World PM2016.

Please download the agenda for this meeting here. Please note that the number of registrations to this meeting is limited and some restriction may apply.

In the meantime if you would like attend the meeting, we would be grateful if you could register your attendance by sending a confirmation email to Mrs Rhianna Jones: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the 24 October 2016.

On the 27 - 28 September 2016, San Sebastian, Spain, the EPMA in partnership with SPRI, Innobasque and BEAZ, members of Basque Enterprise Europe Network, will organize in collaboration with the Technology Centre CEIT-IK4, an International Conference & Brokerage Event focused on technology transfer and search for R&D partners in the field of "Advanced Manufacturing and Materials".

The Advanced Manufacturing & Materials Conference & Brokerage Event will take place on 27 September 2016 in San Sebastian, Spain.

Following on from the 'Advanced Manufacturing & Materials Brokerage Event', the EPMA will moderate a Special Powder Metallurgy (PM) Session on the morning of the 28 September, with the following Agenda:

09:00 - 09:30 - Welcome and Presentation (CEIT)

09:30 –10:15 - Presentation of the EPMA and its activities to improve the synergy in the PM community (EPMA) with the following topics considered for discussion -

  • What is a Club Project? How does it work? What are the benefits?
  • Example of "Club Projects"
    How can the EPMA help you in your EU project proposal? What is the added value of our support?
  • Example of EU projects where the EPMA is involved: DIRA-GREEN, EFFIPRO, AM-Motion (1/11/16)
  • What intends the EPMA to do to improve the visibility of the PM topics at the EU level?

10:15-10:45 Coffee Break

10:45-12:15 Discussion with the participants (CEIT, EPMA, ALL)

  • What kind of Club Projects would you like?
  • What kind of EU projects would you like?

Advanced registration is available until 25 September 2016 via which also contains more information on the programme.

The EPMA will soon launch another club project on Ultrasonic fatigue testing of hardmetals in the gigacycle regime "UFTH": Stage 3, in partnership with TU Vienna, University of Vienna and CEIT San Sebastian.

The UFTH Stage 3 will first complete the UFTH 2a project, where a testing rig and procedure for ultrasonic fatigue testing by 3-point bending have been developed and built by testing an additional set of samples. It will also evaluate a new testing strategy based on Brazed Hardmetal-Steel testing specimens.

Please find below the link to the Description and Consortium Agreement (CA) of the UFTH Stage 3 Project.

pdf Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing of Hardmetals in the gigacycle regime Project UFTH Stage 3 (433 KB)

The Project is open to ALL organisations according to the conditions described in the CA. If you would like to participate in this new UFTH Project, please send the signed CA (pages 1-3) via a return email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at your earliest convenience.

If you would like more information on the Club Project proposal and the conditions, please contact Dr Olivier Coube, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The EPMA in partnership with Fraunhofer IFAM, Bremen will propose a new version of a Club Project proposal on Quality Test for Selective Laser Melting (SLM) powder (SLM-POWD).

This project (SLM-POWD) proposes to address the following three objectives:

  1. Study the applicability of a metal powder (to be defined) for the Additive Manufacturing process of Selective Laser Melting
  2. Set up a guideline on how to characterize and specify AM powder for SLM
  3. Set up a guideline on how to find the right laser parameters to process powder with SLM

The overall cost to the project partners will be shared by the participants (minimum of 5) through a project fee of maximum €6,600 per participant. The project is planned to start in the next few months and the duration will be 6 months. This project is open to all companies and we have started the process to form the Consortium with companies like BÖHLER Edelstahl.

A full description of the project is available at including a Consortium Agreement (pages 1-2) to be signed and returned by companies who would like to participate in the project.

If you are interested in the project or would like more information please contact Dr. Olivier Coube, EPMA Technical Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The EPMA will be exhibiting at the forthcoming Farnborough International Airshow, 11 – 15 July 2016 and will be showcasing what powder metallurgy can offer the aerospace sector. The 5-day trade only exhibition, which runs every two years, is not only expected to repeat the success of its last event in 2014, but it is looking to reach new markets and territories. This is underpinned by an increase in international participation from Austria, Brazil, Republic of Ireland and South Korea who all have dedicated country pavilions.

"Exhibiting at an event of this size and scope can only benefit EPMA Members by the leads that can be generated through participating at one of the premier aerospace industry events", explained Andrew Almond, EPMA's Marketing Manager. He went onto add "By promoting each PM process, there will be natural linkages to exploit and synergies to realise, when discussing new and existing projects with the delegates and visitors at Farnborough's International Airshow."

All leads gained during the event will be passed onto the relevant EPMA Members.

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