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As you have heard, we were among the industry sectors shaping and signing the Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal.

Presented in the course of a high-level summit on February 20th, at the presence of European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, Belgium Prime Minister, Alexander de Croo (as President of the Council), and Enrico Letta, writing a report on the EU Single Market, the Declaration calls for a European Industrial Deal, based on 10 concrete actions, to be at the core of the next EU Strategic Agenda 2024 – 2029 and complementing the EU Green Deal.

It is an urgent call to revitalise Europe’s industrial landscape, strengthening basic industry sectors, ensuring their competitiveness, sustainability, and resilience amid shifting geopolitics. It underlines industry’s willingness to contribute to a stronger Europe.

In these last weeks, the number of signatories has been exponentially increasing, but we aim to boost it event more to keep the momentum and put pressure on EU Member States and on the next European Commission to deliver a meaningful EU industrial policy as key pillar of the forthcoming Policy cycle.

This is particularly important in a moment where our metals industry is significantly curtailing production and competing with other parts of the world putting in place more investment-friendly frameworks and a larger amount of financial supports.

Your action

We strongly encourage you to join the growing list of signatories and show your support for a European Industrial Deal – if not done yet. In addition, associations are invited to share this call for action with their members, including SMEs, to multiply our voice and increase the impact of the declaration. Please feel free to sign the declaration here.

The signatory list is open to the Chief Executive Office/board members or equivalent of an entity, and the signup process can be completed by any representative who has been given permission to sign up on their behalf.

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