Global PM Database Project

The main rationale for this project is to improve the competitiveness of ferrous powder metallurgy in higher duty applications.

This project is a free to use resource. Registration is open to all members and non-members on the website:

The Global PM Property Database Project is an interactive database providing material property information covering a broad range of powder metallurgy (PM) material systems. Its aim is to enable designers / manufacturers of components and systems to make an informed choice about using PM materials in a wide variety of applications.

What Data does the Database Contain?

The database is focused on the properties of ferrous and non ferrous materials commonly used by engineering industries of different types i.e. automotive, aerospace etc. Therefore, the database currently covers the following materials: PM Steels and Stainless Steels from 6.4 gm/cc upwards, Powder Forged Steels and bearing alloys, non-ferrous materials and PM grades used in Metal Injection Moulding. It identifies key variations in processing conditions including: as sintered, heat treated and warm compacted and also includes fatigue data on certain grades including SN Curves.

The data, representing many thousands of tests on hundreds of different material grades, has been collected from a wide range of sources from many countries. It represents an average figure for performance under certain test conditions and so takes the form of typical and statistical ranges and not guaranteed minimum properties. In this way it provides the most realistic
response to a company’s or individual’s request for information.

The Key Features of the Global PM Property Database Project are:

  • Provides one Common Data Source for Powder Metal materials – worldwide
  • Contains only data collated by teams of independent technical experts
  • Uses proprietary software that enables the data to be automatically configured into a format which can be read, downloaded by the user’s design package
  • Contains links to suppliers of the materials described

Visit to log into the PM database.