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24 May 2022

CMG investment to boost its MIM and Additive Manufacturing

CMG Technologies, Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK, has invested more than £250,000 in a new ECM sintering furnace and 3DGence Additive Manufacturing machine.

The investment will allow the company to bolster its Metal Injection Moulding services and newer ventures in Additive Manufacturing.

“We’re very excited to be able to expand on the technology we already have here at CMG,” stated Rachel Garrett, Managing Director of CMG Technologies. “Not only will the furnace be a beneficial addition to our MIM operations but it, along with the printer, will also support our growing 3D printing services.”

“This industry and the technologies involved are ever-evolving, so this new machinery will help us stay ahead of the curve and offer more support to our existing and new clients,” she continued.

Since late 2021, the company has been offering metal Additive Manufacturing services from initial design to post-processing of the product. The new technology is in addition to the four furnaces and four Additive Manufacturing machines already in use at the company’s factory.

Dr Samuel Wilberforce, Head of 3D Printing, added, “Additive manufacturing is a complementary technology to our extensive MIM services. By using 3D printing, we can create prototypes and moving parts far quicker than traditional methods, while keeping waste to an absolute minimum.”

“Thanks to these additional machines, we will be able to offer more services to clients across the world – from design to printing, or just the post-processing of parts to create a dense metal end-product,” he concluded.

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