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05 September 2018

Gevorkyan launchs new hardening operation

Gevorkyan have launched a new hardening operation and automatized its production and plans to launch 3D printing of metal components.

The powder metallurgy established in 1996 in Slovakia adds this service with aim to provide the best solutions to its customers. Now, the company will be able to offer a complex assistance offering powder metallurgy, metal injection moulding, hot isostatic pressing, hardening and all kinds of secondary operations at one place. The company also started the automatization of its production in order accelerates all processes and to be more effective. Brand new department of automatization and robotization is constantly improving production operations.

It will continue in this trend reaching for Industry 4.0. The production automatization will be useful mainly for long series of PM and MIM products, most part of which have been transferred from traditional technologies of casting or machining to PM or MIM. The company plans to launch 3D printing of metals during the 2019. For now, it has enough experience with 3D printing of plastic materials, which are used by the maintenance department as a fast and time-saving solution for replacement of broken parts by a spare ones. 

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