Inmatec Technologies GmbH, a producer of ceramic feedstocks based in Rheinbach, Germany, is marking its 25th anniversary this year. To engage with as many customers as possible, and attract new ones, the company is elevating its presence at a number of global industry events.

Here, the company will present the milestones in its own history – showcasing a quarter of a century in the field of Ceramic Injection Molding. The Inmatec team will be demonstrating the possibilities offered by its products and services, providing information about its pioneering innovations.

As a manufacturer of ceramic feedstocks and consultant for CIM technology, Inmatec operates at the core of the value chain. Producing ceramic components successfully by injection molding can only be achieved if all the players involved, from the raw materials supplier to the final user, work together closely, explains Inmatec. Innovations, improvements of products and opening up new areas of application are only possible in co-operation with science and research partners.

“From the very beginning, we have worked to establish strong links with customers, suppliers and research institutions,” shared Dr Moritz von Witzleben, General Manager. “Today, we are part of a great network with bonds that, after many years of collaboration, often extend beyond business to a personal level. That’s what we strive for: deep trust, continuity and sincerity.”

As a founding member of the Expert Panel for Ceramic Injection Molding, Inmatec is committed to promoting the technology. Together, this alliance is driving forward further development, constantly optimising the entire value chain and strengthening brand awareness of the shaping process. Inmatec is also active in the German Ceramic Society (DKG) and the Ceramic Societies of Europe and America (ECerS and ACerS).


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