Fluidtherm Technology PVT Ltd.

SP 132, III Main Road
Ambattur Industrial Estate
Chennai 600 058

Tel: +91 44 263 57390
Fax: +91 44 262 57632
Fluidtherm Technology PVT Ltd.

Website: www.fluidtherm.com

Company Profile: 

Apart from all facilities to design & manufacture most types of furnaces for the PM industry, Fluidtherm Technology operates a versatile thermal process prototyping facility for process & product development, failure analysis and client servicing. We manufacture Belt, Pusher & Walking Beam furnaces for operation to 1700°C for sintering, sinter hardening, powder processing, steam treatment & heat treatment of metal & ceramic parts. Recent developments include low temperature pushers for Aluminum sintering and continuous carburising with gas quenching.

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