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Orton Ceramic Foundation

P.O. Box 2760
Ohio 43086

Tel: +1 614 895 2663
Orton Ceramic Foundation


Company Profile: 

The Orton Ceramic Foundation has produced devices that measure thermal energy (temperature and time at temperature) for well over 100 years. Orton has introduced an easy to use thermal monitoring device for the Powder Metal industry called ‘TempTAB’. TempTABs can be used in either batch or continuous furnaces, vacuum, air, inert or reducing atmospheres. The product is available for use between 850-1750C. TempTABs allow sintering operations an added layer of quality assurance. TempTABs act 1) as an early warning device to alert users if subtle changes are taking place inside the furnace and 2) as an easy to use device to monitor and document the uniformity and consistency of the sintering process.

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