PM Seminars

Thanks to the unique combination of high level industrial specialists and academics these seminars (formerly 'EPMA Short Course') provide unrivalled insights into the practical capabilities and applications of powder metallurgy (PM) process.

These EPMA organised events will enable an excellent learning opportunity for engineers and scientists with an interest in the PM process.
In recent years the courses have covered:

2016 - Additive Manufacturing
2015 - Powder Injection Moulding
2014 - Hardmetals
2013 - PM Sintering - Advanced Processes & Materials
2012 - PM Sintering - Fundamentals & Mass Production

Since 1996 over 800 delegates from both industry and academia from all over Europe have attended EPMA seminars/short courses and had the opportunity to meet and learn from some of PM’s leading experts.

More information on EPMA Powder Metallurgy Seminars can be found on the EPMA PM Seminars website (

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