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ASM Handbook - Metallography and Microstructures Vol 9

Metallography and Microstructures, Volume 9 of the ASM Handbook, is an essential reference for anyone who specifies, performs, monitors, evaluates, or uses metallurgical analyses for production quality control, research, or educational training. The new edition is a comprehensive reference that features over 30 new articles with substantive updates on metallographic techniques and microstructural interpretation.


Atomization: The Production of Metal Powders

The objective of the monograph is to examine atomization technology in detail from an operational view point and in terms of the scientific principles involved.

This approach is compatible with the interests and needs of the practicing powder metallurgist, those interested in rapid solidification technology and alloy development, and graduate students in materials science and engineering or related fields.

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Cobalt as a Matrix in Diamond Impregnated Tools for Stone Sawing Applications - 2nd Edition

The objectives in writing this monograph are to acquaint the reader with the reasons for extensive application of cobalt as a matrix in diamond impregnated tools and, by linking the existing theoretical knowledge with experimental observations, to try to justify the superiority of cobalt to other materials.

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Fatigue Design Concepts

Morris Sonsino's work in fatigue design of P/M products has contributed greatly to the store of P/M data however, even more significant is his ability to provide design engineers with guidelines on the unique characteristics of P/M materials and hence on the design concepts and rules appropriate to P/M products.

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Fundamentals of Powder Metallurgy

This new primer is a great introduction to the field of Powder Metallurgy. Those who are new to the field as well as seasoned professionals will benefit from this fresh look at the process and products of P/M.

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Handbook of Common Cracks in Green PM Compacts

This Handbook is the product of the Powder Metallurgy Research Centre (PMRC) at Worcester Polytechnic Institute where years of research went into creating this user friendly manual.

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Hot Consolidation of Powders & Particulates

This new book is an important discussion of the principles and technology associated with the hot consolidation of powders.

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Injection Moulding of Metals & Ceramics

This new title provides an introduction to an exciting forming technique that relies on particles mixed with thermoplastic binders to shape complex components via injection moulding.

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International Atlas of Powder Metallurgical Microstructures

It has been over 15 years since a collection of this magnitude has been published. The authors have gathered an extensive array of microstructures, including a large selection of North American materials and presented them in a clear and concise manner.

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Machining & Machinability of PM Components - CD

Machining & Machinabilty of PM Components is a collection of technical literature on PM machining and machinability.

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Metal Injection Molding: A Comprehensive MIM Design Guide

This guide organizes the facts on the process options, materials, properties, design features, manufacturing tolerances, applications, markets and costs to enable the design community to best utilize this net-shape production route.

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Particle Packing Characteristics

Reprinted by popular demmand, this title is fundamental to a wide variety of disciplines.

PM & MIM Touching your life - DVD

A DVD showcasing the capabilities of metal injection molding (MIM).

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PM Condensed

Distilled from: Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials Processing
By industry expert and author Randall M. German

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Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials Processing

As an outgrowth from the best-selling Powder Metallurgy Science, published in 1984 with a second edition in 1994, this book is written from a perspective based on the laws of physics, chemistry, mechanics and dynamics, thermodynamics, kinetics and chemical engineering as applied to powder metallurgy and particulate materials.

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Powder Metallurgy - Processing and Materials

This book has successfully blended practical information on production processes, testing procedures, and properties and uses of the end products with scientific aspects of P/M technology.

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Powder Metallurgy Design Manual 3rd Edition

The third edition of this popular manual has been revised to include new sections on measurement and testing of PM components, advanced materials and processes and completely updated tables, charts and standards.

Powder Metallurgy: The Preferred Metal Forming Solution

A completely revised and updated version of the long-familiar Powder Metallurgy Design Solutions . This popular manual includes helpful and authoritative information for ready reference by designers, engineers, purchasing agents, and end users.

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Quality Assurance Guidelines for Structural PM Parts & Porous Bearings

In response to a need to achieve a consensus on how to handle the increasing demands for quality assurance from end-users, the EPMA 'Quality Assurance Committee' has produced this 44 page 'Quality Assurance Guidelines for Structural PM Parts and Porous Bearings'.

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