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Powder injection moulding of multi-material devices

  • : Volker Piotter1, Elvira Honza, Alexander Klein, Tobias Mueller, Klaus Plewa
  • : 1Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2015


An important R+D purpose is to enhance PIM to combine two or more materials with different properties in a single piece manufactured in one process cycle. A further advantage is the considerable reduction of mounting costs.
In principle, a certain range of options shall be suitable for creating multi-component products.
An important one is two-component PIM which is mainly characterized by a sophisticated sintering procedure taking into account the kinetics of all powder types involved. Investigations how to fabricate immobile or mobile ceramic shaft-wheel components have been carried out successfully. Regarding fixed joints even metal and ceramic materials could have been connected.

A further opportunity is opened up by In-mould Labelling PIM which uses powder filled tapes as the first component. Here again particular attention has to be laid on the sintering procedure. If done so samples containing nano-sized powders in the surface area of the whole body could be obtained.


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