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Advantages of Manufacturing Neutron Absorbing Borated Stainless Steels Using PM/HIP Technology

  • : Lherbier, L1
  • : 1Carpenter Powder Products
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


For many years borated stainless steels have been for neutron absorbing applications, particularly for the construction of racks for spent fuel from nuclear reactors. These materials contain high levels of boron that absorbs the neutrons from spent fuel over a long period of time. These materials have been manufactured for many years by conventional cast and wrought technology, albeit with difficulty because of boron levels of 1 percent or higher. The desire to further increase neutron absorption by increasing boron levels to 2 percent or more further added to processing difficulties. These manufacturing difficulties, poor mill processing characteristics and low product yields, resulted in the development of PM/HIP ingots or slabs that could more easily be processed to desired product forms. The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate the superior quality of PM/HIP produced borated stainless steels at all boron levels in respect to structural uniformity, improved properties and improved product yield. Examples of sheet product manufactured in coils for spent fuel pools and plate product for the ITER fusion reactor project in France will be illustrated.

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