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Production of Wear-Resistant Iron Based Powder Materials by Hot Forging in the Presence of Liquid Phase

  • : Dorofeyev, V1
  • : 1South-Russian State Technical University
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


The possibility of producing wear-resistant iron-based powder materials through liquid-phase forging was studied. A reduced pure iron powder was used as a basic material in the preparation of blends, and a milled eutectic white iron powder (Fe?4.3C) as a carbonaceous additive to obtain liquid phase during forging. For enhanced wear resistance, chromium carbide or high-carbon ferrochrome particles were added to the blends. On quenching of specimens forged in the solid-state cracks at the Fe?Cr3C2 boundaries were formed, due to poor diffusive interaction between carbide particles and cast iron fusion. Increasing the temperature and duration of heating porous preforms before hot forging could eliminate cracking. The presence of liquid phase prevented the formation and oxidation of diffusive pores at the boundaries. The indexes of wear resistance of the materials hot-forged in the presence of liquid phase exceeded those attainable through sintering and hot forging in the solid state.

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