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Processing and Properties of 4605 MIM Parts Manufactured via a Master Alloy Route

  • : Murray, K1
  • : 1Sandvik Osprey Ltd
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


The popularity of low alloy steels within the MIM industry has grown over recent years such that today they are used in a wide range of general engineering applications. A variety of different raw materials mixes and processing routes has been developed by different MIM houses to meet the required product specifications. In this study, we extend the scope of previous work published on low alloy steels to include the popular 4605 grade. We compare the processing and properties of 4605 steel parts made using a 5x concentration gas atomised master alloy with those achieved using the more conventional blend of elemental Ni and Mo with carbonyl iron powder. The differences in densification behaviour are evaluated for each alloy and raw material mix over a range of sintering temperatures. Microstructure?property relationships are presented with respect to tensile properties and hardness in as-sintered and heat treated conditions. The difference in diffusion of alloying elements during the sintering process is also evaluated.

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