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Study of Composite Powder Materials Formed on the Basis of Carbide Grains and Aggregates of Synthetic Diamonds

  • : Ilyuschenko, A1
  • : 1Powder Metallurgy Research Institute
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


Methods of production and compositions of binders designed for diamond-metal agglomerates (Cu-Sn-Ti; Cu-Sn-Ni-Ti; Cu-Sn-Cr-10; Cu-Sn-Si; Cu-Mn-Ti) were studied. The processes of formation and properties of carbide-reinforced pellets for diamond tools, formed by sintering under pressure and infiltration of carbide grains, were evaluated. The physical-mechanical properties of different compositions depend on the content of carbide grains. Recommendations are given for their use for diamond tools ? disk, saws and various other applications.

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