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The Properties of Porous Aerators of Sponge Titanium Powder with Reinforcing Additives

  • : Savich, V1
  • : 1Powder Metallurgy Research Institute
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


The properties of porous Ti-based materials with and without additions of different particle sizes were investigated. Pore sizes and porosity of samples at different mass percentages of additives were measured. To minimize particle size segregation during mold filling, an additive powder with particle sizes of 100-160 microns was selected. Disc samples of porous aerators with a diameter of 188 mm and thickness of 2.5 mm were obtained from the mixture of titanium powders of different particle sizes. From a titanium powder with particle sizes of 630-1000 microns thicker porous discs were made to ensure a comparable strength. Studies of both types of aerators in a model basin immersed in tap water at 500 mm below the water level and deeper showed that the size of air bubbles generated from compressor by porous disc made from a titanium-additive mixture is much smaller than that from the coarse titanium powder without additives.

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