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Selecting the Appropriate Binder System in Production of PM Low Carbon Steel Hollow Spheres

  • : Behnam, M1
  • : 1Department of Metallurgy Engineering
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


Metal Hollow Spheres (MHSs) are produced using advanced process based on powder metallurgy method, mostly. In this method, polystyrene spheres are coated in a fluidized bed process with a suspension of metal powder slurry and binder. The green spheres are heat-treated to remove the binder and then sintered to obtain high uniformity single MHSs. Selecting the appropriate binder system depends on certain criteria such its pyrolysis, its gluing ability and its rheological properties. The binder plays an important role in interconnecting the particles and gluing them onto the core. The aim of this research is study of binder system behaviour during pyrolysis stage. For this purpose four types of binder including cellulose binder, epoxy resin, polyvinyl acetate and ethyl silicate were used. The results show MHS characteristics are strongly depended on binder system properties.

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