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Advanced Pressing Options for Electrical Powder Presses - Side Compaction and Cross Holes

  • : Kreuzpaintner, S1
  • : 1Dorst Technologies GmbH
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


Electrical powder presses with pure electrical drives have been developed. They combine the rigidness of mechanical presses with the high precision and convenience of closed-loop controlled hydraulic presses. The positioning accuracy of the punches is within � 0,01 mm, thus fulfilling the demands for minimized tolerances and the production of high-quality tungsten carbide compacts. Uniaxial pressing traditionally requires undercuts to be machined. Side compacting and cross hole systems have been integrated into electrical powder presses. These features can reduce or eliminate the need for subsequent machining, and even allow for the development of new PM parts. These technological advantages are complimented by many environmental values, such as minimum energy consumption, low noise emissions, absence of hydraulic oil and lubricants, and a small footprint.

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