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Design of Fe/SiO2 Composites with the Compact SiO2 Coating Prepared by Sol-Gel Method

  • : Strečková, M1
  • : 1SAS
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


The film preparation is widely recognized as one of the most interesting and natural application of sol-gel method. Fe(core)/SiO2(shell) composites were prepared from alkoxide solutions by the hybrid sol-gel method. The designed material with a SiO2 coating exhibits an improved resistance against oxidation, higher mechanical strength and interesting combination of magnetic and electric properties due to insulating character of SiO2 layer. SiO2 coatings prepared by pure inorganic sol-gel methods are usually brittle and easy to crack during the curing because of the inflexibility of SiO2 structure and the residual stress generated from volumetric shrinkage. The hybrid organic-inorganic sols with addition of glycidoxipropyltrimethoxysilane or phenol-formaldehyde resin were therefore used to improve the quality and distribution of SiO2 coating on Fe powder. SEM analysis confirmed that coatings prepared from the hybrid sols are more compact and smooth than the ones stemming from pure inorganic SiO2 coatings.

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