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Study Regarding the Production of WC/Co Cutting Tools Produced Through PIM Technology

  • : Cora, V S1
  • : 1Technical University of Cluj Napoca
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


Cemented carbide cutting tools are usually produced through conventional powder metallurgy method of die pressing. For the production of complex shaped cutting tools with small dimensions, PIM technology is a promising alternative to conventional methods. This paper presents our results regarding the possibility of producing cutting tools through powder injection molding and liquid phase sintering of a WC/Co powder. The material used in this experiment is a mix of FTC (fused tungsten carbide) powder with 6wt% cobalt. The binder has the following composition: 25wt% low density polyethylene, 5wt% stearic acid, 70wt% paraffin. After injection, the parts were debinded in two ways immersion in solvent at room temperature and solvent vapor debinding, followed by drying for 1 hour at 75 �C. The debinded green samples were sintered at 1400 ?C for 30 minutes in a vacuum oven. The samples had a contraction of 24%, relative density of 99% and 1690 HV10/15 hardness.

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