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Oxidation Behavior Of A Fe Matrix Cermet Reinforced With Ti(C,N). Influence Of Heat Treatments.

  • : Alvaredo, P1
  • : 1University Carlos III Madrid
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


Within the group of Ti(C,N)-based cermets are the iron-matrix cermets which could compete with conventional cermets or cemented carbides in the fabrication of cutting tools. Cutting works implies high working temperatures at which oxidation is a high risk. Whereas the oxidation of cemented carbides and other cermets has been deeply studied, few works are reported for Fe-matrix cermets. Consequently this work consists on a study of the oxidation behavior of an iron matrix cermet containing 50 % vol. Ti(C,N), before and after heat treatment, by oxidation tests in static air at temperatures between 500�C and 1000�C. SEM and XRD analysis results show a high oxidation resistance of the Fe-cermet due to a self protective layer formed at first stages of the oxidation process. The results are compared with two commercial materials used in the fabrication of cutting tools, a high speed steel and a cemented carbide, finding a higher oxidation resistance for the iron matrix cermet.

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