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Liquid Phase Sintering Control Based on Effective Alloying Design

  • : Oro, R1
  • : 1University Carlos III Madrid
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


A new methodology is developed for designing master alloys that can enhance sintering by liquid phase formation. Through thermodynamic and kinetic simulation not only the temperatures of liquid formation but also the interaction between liquid and solid particles can be predicted and controlled. ThermoCalc and DICTRA software help to define compositions with the desired characteristics. Afterwards, macroscopic measurements of wetting and infiltration phenomena carried out using master alloy prototypes and Fe-base substrates, prove that the experiment conditions (atmosphere, graphite additions) and the type of interaction between the substrate and the liquid phase, have a critical influence on the overall behavior. The results obtained in these experiments are in agreement with thermodynamic and kinetic calculations provided by the software tools. Furthermore, dilatometry experiments carried out on green compacts containing additions of the master alloys studied confirm the applicability of the information obtained through macroscopic wetting and infiltration experiments, to a real sintering process.

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